Mobile Phone Companies Evading Rs. 400 Billion Per Year in Taxes: Chairman NAB

Mobile phone companies in Pakistan are allegedly evading Rs. 400 billion per year in taxes to Federal Board of Revenue, said Chairman NAB Honorable Mr. Justice Javed Iqbal in a statement issued to the media.

Chairman NAB said that the government and FBR — as a tax collecting agency — should try their best to collect taxes to protect Pakistan’s national interests as per law.

Chairman NAB, however, didn’t say anything on why and how mobile phone companies are able to evade such massive amounts of taxes.

It may be recalled that mobile phone companies are consistently ranked as the top tax paying and tax collecting agents in the country.

A senior official of a mobile phone company, while requesting anonymity, said that cellular mobile phone sector generated Rs. 369 billion in revenues in total.

“While I am in no position to challenge Chairman NAB’s allegation, the figure seems out of proportion”, he said.

Not to be mentioned, mobile phone companies are getting their revenues and tax collection records audited by FBR as of today.

In fact, mobile phone companies had been offering their records for audit to the FBR for a while but it was FBR’s inability that them this long to become technically capable of auditing cellular companies’ records.

Chairman NAB’s statement is going to get a lot attention and it is yet to be seen if he’s going to back his statement with any proofs.

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