NA Body Suggests Eliminating Taxes on Imported Hybrid Cars

The Standing Committee on Climate Change for National Assembly, chaired by Malik Muhammad Uzair Khan, has suggested to cut taxes on hybrid cars to tackle the rising smog and air pollution in the country.

The committee members also discussed the impact of pollution at Rawal Lake Islamabad which killed hundreds of fish in July.

They said,

The Islamabad administration had reported that fish in such numbers died due to the pouring of poisonous substance into Rawal Lake, whereas the EPA reported that death had been caused by bacterial contamination.

The secretary of the ministry Syed Abu Ahmed Akif told the committee that,

A project for environment monitoring system (EMS) had been launched with the cooperation of Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica) in 2005 to strengthen the air monitoring system.

He added that after termination of the project in 2010, EPA took charge of the dysfunctional system and resurrected it, bearing a cost of 1.8 million Rupees.

Talking about the pollution produced by vehicles, an official told the committee that only two oil refineries are violating Euro-II compliance rules while rest of them have environment-friendly machinery.

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Mushahidullah Khan, Minister for Climate Change, explained while answering a question that electricity generation through coal is negligible in Pakistan saying that China produces 60% of its electricity from coal, whereas India generates 40% of its energy from coal. It must be mentioned here that both countries are in the process of cutting down on coal based power generation unlike Pakistan which is focusing on increasing its coal based installed plants.

Pakistan is generating 35% of its electricity through renewable sources.

Lastly, the committee also exchanged thoughts apropos the Climate Change Act 2017 and the current standing of Climate Change Authority (CCA) in this regard.

  • A very good initiative and environmental freindly genture towards ‘Go Clean Go Green’ concept and a dear need of time, beofre its too late to cotrol.

  • Finally some saner voice. But the likes of Mushahiullah heading such ministries is a big problem in its own. That dumb wit knows sh** about innovation, environment and greener future. Such characters are good only at being darbaris.

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