Imad Wasim’s Attempt to Copy Ronaldo’s Celebration Gets Hilarious Reactions

The left-handed all-rounder, Imad Wasim somehow stays a hot topic for discussion on the social media. Whether it’s the female Afghan fan scandal or any of his other adventures, the Welsh-born is known for his glamorous personality.

Imad may well be a fashion figure for his fans, but his wicket celebration on Thursday against Pakhtoons has really caught the attention of the social media. His effort to imitate star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebration has backfired big time, thanks to the Twitterati.

Here’s the celebration which sparked a barrage of memes, hilarious reactions and trolls on the web.

And here’s the original celebration.

Let’s hear it from the social media fans.

People were quick to notice the imitation.


Yes, ew.

China copy.

It wasn’t even close, was it?

What was he thinking?


‘Low-budget’ cracked me up.

Ruined the celebration, indeed.

A wannabe.

Sasti celebration.

Imad was probably trying to make an identity for himself since Afridi and Hasan Ali’s trademark celebration styles get a lot of attention. However, he must have forgotten that celebrations only suit match winners and imitations simply don’t work.

Cool or un-cool? You decide.

  • hahaha ….original ! Hope he doesn’t rip off his shirt next ….wont be able to live with that image imprinted om my mind ..hahahaha

  • close