Lahore is Getting a Multistory Motorcycle Parking Plaza

A Multi-storey Motorcycle Parking Plaza has been approved by the Punjab government. It will be built in order to solve the parking issues at one of the most gridlocked markets of Lahore, specifically at the Hall Road.

The Metropolitan Corporation Lahore (MCL) have been permitted by the Punjab Local Government and Community Development Department (LGCDD) to start with their motorcycle parking plaza project on the Hall Road.

Parking Plaza to Cost Rs 600 million

It is expected to cost the provincial government Rs 600 million (Rs 60 crore). The project was firstly suggested in 2012 by the City District Government Lahore (CDGL) and Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning Agency. The cost estimate till its completion was Rs 43.2 million (Rs 4.32 crore) during that time.

The lack of parking lots and plazas result in unrestricted and ill-considered vehicle parking by the motorists drive the constriction of the roads significantly.

This is one of the main factors that contribute to the routine traffic jams in Lahore.

The provincial government, for this very reason, picked 18 different locations to build one of these plazas. In its final form, the plaza will serve motorists from 6 different locations.

Initially, the hand-picked locations for the parking plaza are:

  • Delhi Gate,
  • Nela Gumbad,
  • Lohari Gate,
  • Shah Alam Gate,
  • Mochi Gate,
  • Rang Mehal,
  • Masti Gate,
  • Jail Road,
  • Dyal Singh Mansion,
  • Ichhra,
  • Anarkali, Liberty Market,
  • Hall Road,
  • Railway Station, Liberty Market,
  • MM Alam Road,
  • Hall Road,
  • Shadman,
  • Model Town Link Road,
  • Victoria Park on Mall Road,
  • Naqi Market.

The expected cost to build parking plazas in each of these locations is Rs 2.34 billion (Rs 2.34 arab).

Currently, Hall Road is constricted, and the only parking option available are the parking spaces reserved on the street which are inadequate to handle parking and unrestricted flow of vehicles.

It is hoped that this parking plaza will go a long way in easing the issues of motorists who have to commute daily from some of the busiest roads in Lahore.

  • So no one is going to look at the figures? Estimates increased from 4.32 to straight 60 crores?
    Leave the inflation of economy or devalue of Rupees, but that’s a MASSIVE increase in estimate. Expected in a N-league government of “business” people. This is exactly how these people look this country.

  • great step yar karachi and lahore yeh chahyeay . karachi should be the priorty liken koi lahore bhi chaly ga ?

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