Lower Cadre Staff Joins Protest Against DG CAA as Govt Takes Notice

Management crisis in Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has become more serious after senior officers’ lower cadre staff joined the protest and demanded the removal of Director General Air Marshal (Retd.) Asim Suleiman. On the other hand Aviation Division has called all concern officers to Islamabad.

CAA employees have created a Joint Action Committee (JAC) to protest against DG Air Marshal (Retd.) Asim Suleiman. The JAC contains all representatives of Officers Associations and Labor Union working in the CAA.

In a media brief at CAA Headquarters’ Old Terminal, JAC gave a deadline of Monday, Jan, 8, 2018 for the removal of DG CAA. Chairman CBA Roa Aslam said that all officers and employees are united and JAC will protest until the DG is sacked from his post.

“Our deadline is Monday, and if the  government does not remove the current DG, CAA staff and officers will start protesting at all airports across Pakistan.” Roa Aslam told the media.

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The JAC claims that after the higher cadre officers, labors staff have also refused to work under the current DG. They claim that about 850 employees have give in written that they are not willing to work under Asim Suleiman

“Asim Suleiman completed his 2 year tenure as DG CAA and without any legal cover he is sitting on the post. He is making the organization vulnerable and week,” said the protestors.

On the other hand, government has taken notice of the current management crisis at CAA and has called all the senior officers who have refused to work under the current DG CAA. Sources told ProPakistani that these officers were called by Prime Minister’s Advisor on Aviation Sardar Methab Khan Abbasi.

“Deputy Director General Amir Mahboob, Khawar Raiz and Director Sumair Saeed, Sadiq Rahman, Nadir Shafi Dar, Amir Sikander, and other are among who reached Islamabad,” told the source.

The source also told that political leadership is not happy with the situation in CAA. Under the pressure of employees, they can change the DG CAA and bring a senior bureaucrat as the new DG CAA but with this, they will also have to perform some massive changes in the senior management of the organization.

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