Friends Accidentally Set Birthday Boy on Fire in Celebrations

If you have a birthday coming up, you already know what’s going to happen. Your friends are going to show up with a custom-tailored cake, balloons, silly spring and those miniature roman candles.

Except to be covered in a mountain of ghastly foaming spray, told to shower and then taken to lunch. That’s how things are. It’s the way they’ve been for the past many years.

A Rather Gruesome Twist

Consider the shock, therefore, of Fayaz and his friends when the birthday boy was caught on fire! Luckily, he was rescued in time and received treatment for minor injuries, but the event in itself was horrifying.

Fayaz Ali Memon, who lives in Hyderabad, has tried to find a silver lining. He declares that the event has made his twenty-first birthday memorable. Of course, the lesson would be etched into the boys’ memories forever. They sent a video to Daily Mail as a warning to others.

Warning: This video contains graphic content, so please proceed with caution.

Fun and banter are necessary elements of a successful birthday party, but so are safety precautions. Fayaz and his friends have vowed never to use foaming sprays again. Perhaps this is a birthday tradition that has outlived its usage.

Following the incident, he said:

In my entire life, I will not forget this moment. I will remember my 21st birthday celebration all my life […] I’m thankful to God that my face didn’t burn due to the flames.


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  • Rana Muhammad Abdullah

    If I am not wrong it is written on such sprays keep them away from flames.

    • Waqas

      Yes, away from children other than trained event organizers.

      • Rana Muhammad Abdullah

        true sir so who is the faulty here according to me the so called organizers

  • Waqas

    Also on wedding people allow this flammable stuff to children to play with. this stuff should be banned other than event organizers.

  • Oh WT..!!

  • Liberal

    Jahalat at its best jaise punjabi log muja karte hain wahe wali baat hai

    • Pathano ya sindhio ka mujra kabhi ni dekha? Link send karoon?

  • Naru-hudo

    Jahil Khabees Log

  • Muhammad Yasir

    very careless and stupid from his friends !

    where can i get the Original Video without all the comical and disgraceful edits ?

  • Sane

    Moral of the story is, “Jo jaisa hota hai us ke dost be waise he hote hain.”