Google’s Keyboard App Might Soon Allow Text Messages Without Typing

Google is reportedly bringing “Smart Reply” to its Gboard keyboard. The feature is already pretty popular among Gmail and Allo users so it’s not a surprise that the company wants to bring it to other platforms.


Google recently released a beta update for its Gboard and the code for the Smart Reply was spotted in the APK tear-down.

According to rumors and reports, the new feature will work with several android apps. For example, if you get a message notification from an app, suggestions for the replies will appear in the notification bar and you will only have to select the right reply to send, all with just a single tap.

If you have problem getting what Smart Reply is, take a look at this screenshot from Gmail.

Those three text boxes below are automatically generated suggestions based on content of the email.

Smart Reply will also work as an in-app feature. It will generate suggestion phrases above the typing line so you can reply in one go.

According to code analysis of the update, the new feature will work on following apps;

  • Android Messages
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Hangouts
  • Messenger Lite
  • WhatsApp
  • Tencent

Now we can’t say that this is exactly how Smart Reply will look in the notification bar since the interface is kind of different. And Google hasn’t started testing the feature either so we cannot say anything for sure as of now.

However, if Google decides to bring Smart Reply to multiple platforms it will be a huge user-friendly addition to the lot. Apart from Smart Reply, Google will add two other options as well. One is “Make a GIF” and the other one being a universal media button to search across domains.

This will give you an idea about what is being said here;

  • I have seen the feature in emails as suggested in the article. It should be a good addition to other messaging apps.

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