Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera Might Have Better Low Light, Super Slo-Mo and More

With the launch of the Galaxy S9 just over a month away, Samsung may have inadvertently spilled the beans about the upcoming flagship, specifically the camera. And what we know so far is enough to hype things up.


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The various ISOCELL sensors were spotted on Samsung’s site by NDTV, catering to a wide-range of smartphones, including the high-end ISOCELL Fast, which might be used in the upcoming Galaxy S9. Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything yet.


ISOCELL Fast comes a 3-layer readout sensor, which adds an extra layer for processing information. It enables data to be registered faster, and allows 1080p video recording at a baffling 480 frames per second, as well as Super PD, which will take an already-stellar autofocus speed to the next level.


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ISOCELL Bright, on the other hand, combines four pixels into one, allowing more light to be captured, thus allowing better low-light photography. ISOCELL Dual will bank on the trend of dual cameras, with features such as optical zoom, adjustable depth effect, as well as stellar low-light and fast autofocus performance.

The last sensor, ISOCELL Slim, meanwhile is targeted for slimmer smartphones with 0.9-micron pixels and allowing bezel-free designs. According to Samsung, it offers “the highest quality images ever built on a smaller camera module.”

About Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9’s camera is said to come with a 12 MP sensor, with OIS and adjustable aperture. It will also feature a so-called “Super Slow-mo” mode, which is what the ISOCELL Fast seems to be capable of. The Exynos 9810 and Snapdragon 845 processors will ensure operations are up to pace.


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The Galaxy S9 will be launched at the Mobile World Congress, which starts February 26th, meaning soon we’ll know for sure which leaks were accurate.