Sindh Allocates Rs. 50 Crore for Provincial Food Authority

Sindh Government is all set to conduct raids on eateries across the province to ensure sub-standard food isn’t being provided to the public.

Following the footsteps of Punjab and KPK, the Sindh Government has issued Rs 50 crore for the Sindh Food Department for the purpose of setting up a watchdog that monitors eateries.


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While talking to a local news channel, Sindh Food Department Secretary Sajjad Hussain said:

As many as 50 officials will crack down on restaurants, hotels and shops/ stores in the first phase of this operation.

The schedule for the first phase has been shared with the public.

Raid Conducting Team

Each team will have a professor from the Food & Science Department of University of Karachi (KU) along with the officials from the Health Department.

The crackdowns will start from March.

After gathering and compiling information during the month of February, eateries in Sindh will have to ensure that they do not sell substandard items. All the main eateries across the province will be raided in March and suppliers of substandard edibles will be punished.

The Food Department Secretary Hussain said:

All the food points in Karachi, including the roadside refreshment stands, will be checked in this operation.

Previously, the food authorities in Punjab and KP carried out massive raids at many restaurants and eateries across the provinces. The suppliers that were found selling substandard edibles were penalized with hefty fines.


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The food authorities have even raided hotels and shut down many of them after they failed basic quality and hygiene standards.

  • Let see, how its work out for them..
    We are talking about Sindh govt. who are popular for their “Claims” with no output !

  • Great initiative should have taken many years ago. Its never too late. We expect extensive training of competent / qualified staff before action part starts initially as a facilitator / guide instead of policing kind role. Establishment of fair & authentic lab is mandatory.

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