Peshawar Zalmi Launches Its Own Website

The defending champions of Pakistan Super League 2017, Peshawar Zalmi have launched their own website.

The newly created platform will serve as a hub for the followers of Zalmi to get the latest news and updates about their favorite team.

Peshawar Zalmi’s Twitter account posted about the launch of their website as well.

The Website

This venture of Zalmi is another step towards enhancing their public relations and increasing their interaction with the public.

A number of options can be explored when you visit the new Peshawar Zalmi website. The main page displays photos and names of several Zalmi players.

Apart from that, there are different tabs on top that can be used to explore other parts of the Zalmi website and to obtain up to date information on the team. Take a look at the page that opens when you first open the website;

Zalmi Champions

The website can also be used to shop the Peshawar Zalmi merchanidise.

If you want any product from the Zalmi merchandise and fashion line, you just need to click the “SHOP” button available in the top right corner of the page. The website will also give users updates about the next Zalmi match as well.


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You can see a countdown to the next match in the right sidebar:

Peshawar Zalmi Website Screenshot

Not just that, the website also contains links and updates from social media accounts of Peshawar Zalmi.