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Toyota Corolla is the Best Selling Car in the World

Toyota Corolla – the spacious subcompact sedan that has ruled the Pakistani auto industry and is a widely popular car preferred throughout the country – has topped global sales charts as well.

According to recent global sales charts, Corolla is also one of the most popular sedans globally with 1.22 million units sold in 2017.

In Pakistan alone, Indus Motors Company (IMC) sold more units than every other sedan available in Pakistan – the sales numbers for the Toyota Corolla in 2017 stand at 52,431. Moreover, in the current fiscal year (6 months only) IMC has already made 25,325 sales in Pakistan.


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Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla 2018 facelifted

Since its launch in 1966, the Toyota Corolla got popular fast and only in a span of 8 years, it became the world’s best selling car – it holds this title ever since and no other car has been able to come close to its sales figures. In 2013, Corolla marked a milestone of 40 million units sold over its eleven generations.

In Pakistan, the Corolla is sold in 5 different variants;

  • XLi 1.3L (manual) Rs. 18,19,000
  • GLi 1.3L (manual/auto) Rs. 19,49,000/Rs. 20,24,000
  • Altis 1.6L (auto) Rs. 21,99,000
  • Altis 1.8L (manual/auto) Rs. 22,24,000/Rs. 23,49,000
  • Altis Grande 1.8L (manual/auto) Rs. 23,99,000/Rs. 25,49,000

Altis Grande is the fully-featured variant and comes with climate control, immobilizer system, airbags, WOW meter, sunroof, hyper black alloy wheels, leather interior, jack knife key, and more.

The XLi variant is the least featured and does not even have any basic features such as power windows and airbags etc. Internationally, the 1.3L Corolla variant is rarely seen and Pakistan is among the few countries where this variant is still sold.

Rumours are that the XLi and GLi variant will soon be discontinued by the IMC and replaced by a Toyota Yaris/Vios sedan.

    • please add ‘now’ in between your sentence . Thank to Auto Policy 2016 where certain minimum standard features were made necessary for all locally assembled vehicles.

      • Uhh no. Auto policy has no such “Minimum Standards” defined.

        Toyota globally wants its cars to be best in class in safety, which is why IMC has provided DUAL SRS airbags in its entire line-up – it is following global guidelines.

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