Google Rumored to Launch Its Own Console & Game Streaming Service

Google, in its journey towards becoming the global leader in technology, was missing the essence of gaming. The Information has released a report saying that Google is on its way to release a gaming console and game streaming service of its own, entering the $109 billion strong video game market.

Streaming Service

Dubbed ‘Yeti’, the service is going to be Google’s own game streaming service which is planned to roll out along with a “Made by Google” gaming console. Yeti will be designed to run on Chromecasts and will let you stream games instead of buying/downloading them.

To keep your account active, a set subscription fee will be regularly charged.

Google Box? Google Station?

The console, on the other hand, is still anybody’s guess. It could compete directly with the likes of PlayStation and Xbox, however it doesn’t seem to be a plausible idea. The two are undisputed kings of the “OG” consoles, leaving no room for a third entrant.

However, Google might go the Nintendo route, making something similar to a handheld console like Switch. Considering the vast library of games on the Play Store, this could turn out to be a niche but successful venture.

Backend Support and Expected Release

Getting back to Yeti, to run the service seamlessly, it will be connected to a strong cloud infrastructure. There is absolutely no confirmation about when the service and console will be rolled out and how much would they cost.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Via GSMArena