Social Media on Fire: Famous Clothing Store Caught Recording Ladies Changing Rooms

This Thursday, police registered a case against a well-known clothing brand’s outlet for allegedly installing recording devices inside women’s changing rooms.

The store in question, it is learnt, is situated at ChenOne Road in Faisalabad.

Police have already made arrests with two people apprehended as suspects.

These hidden cam — said to be a smartphone — was discovered by a law student, Noman Zaffar, who visited the store along with his sister. Noman’s sister went to the changing room and found camera (smartphone) concealed in the room.

To gather evidence, the customers recorded footage of the hidden video camera and their location via their cell phones.

Unsurprisingly, the staff at that outlet – after discovering that their gig was up – tried to confiscate their cell phones to get rid of the evidence.

Shockingly, as per the customer’s accounts, the staff even threatened to post their changing room videos over on social media.

As Noman blew the whistle on this practice, his story went viral over social media.

Here’s how Pakistanis reacted about the alleged breach of privacy and lack of decency by the outlet in question:

The suspects, namely Rizwan and Fayyaz, tried to get their hands on the customer’s mobile phone to delete the evidence.

According to reports, the camera had been installed by two third party employees without the management’s consent.


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But due to their negligence and ineffective control, four people – including the owner of the outlet, the manager, and the two suspected employees have been booked under the Pakistan Penal Code. Two employees have been arrested and the Police has not disclosed the names of the owner and the manager so far.

The outlet got sealed according to Madina Town’s superintendent. He added that a mobile phone, that was used to make videos, had also been confiscated.

After interrogation, the suspects revealed that they started filming the changing rooms around three days ago before getting caught. They said that they only managed to record three videos but deleted them afterwards.

  • hahahahaha You stupid stupid lunatics Trying to be moderate by hiding the name and then showing every post that carries companies name…

    • exactly. harsh punishment is required. but instead popup trying pods should be installed in all shops. some might have seen those kind of trying room made out of fabric. no fixtures and no fuss

  • Ye aurotee jab tak bazaro m gast krti rahee gi yehe ho ga en k sath ab yad a raha o ga islam ka parda, ye abibi smj ni ae

    • Dear wo public place mn nangi ni ho raen. Try room mn 1 waqt mn 1 he ja rai hn.

      Or tumara kia khayal h ke farishtay unke lyay asman se kapra la kar dnge?

      Wese camera gender bias ni hota. Wo tumari video bhi wese hi banai ga jese kisi “gast krne wali aurot” ka. Samjhe. Icc lyay tm bhi “gast krne wale marad” matt bano burqa chadha ke ghar pe betha kro.

  • They should ban all Levi’s outlets in the country to teach everybody a lesson. It is the responsibility of brands to audit for such things in all of their branches. Just ban now, and see how others start implementing strict controls.

    • Are you insane? When you own dozens of outlets in whole country you can’t just visit all of them daily to see what employees are doing. Plus employees also revealed they started doing this 3 days ago before getting caught.

      • Should we believe the criminals now. Of course, they will say like this. Even if audits were done on random basis during a week, do you think the staff will take such a risk.There is a branch manager and regional manager with teams who must plan audit on such things on routine basis.

        • Then you stupid person get the manager and staff fired. And make sure that they never find another job again. Case krwado n leave them with only guttar saaf krne ki naukry. Sahi mazak banwaya he brand ban krdo. Level he sir apka. Franchising Ka naam suna he kya. It’s the bloody responsibility of the franchise owner. Audit rozana Nahi hota. Who knows maybe the guilty staff were new and did not know when audit was done to socha k camera laga lo. Maybe the owner did not inform them. Awam humari bilkul dimag istemal Nahi Karti. ESA karo jiss company k camera they usko b ban krdo. And balkay had Fayyaz and Rizwan namy shks KO exit control list me daal do and jahan millay is name Ka Banda wahi koot do n jail krwado.

          Ajeeb bongi awam

          • Matlab brand ki koi zimmedari nahin banti. 4 basics business study ki parh lete tu cultural impacts on businesses ka pata hai. Jitne maybe tum ne lagaye hain aise tu range hathon qatil pakra jaye tu beqasoor ban jaye ga. Maybe aisa ho maybe waisa ho. Common sense ya aqal naam ki cheez bhi hai ke nahin. Ban karne ka maqsad temporary ban hota hai until stricter controls are implemented you douchebag.
            And for your information levi stores dont work under franchising. These are under direct controls of company. Abhi ja ke apna moun gatar mein dho jahil kawwe ke olad

  • Ladies own actions are questionable when trying clothes other than the safety of their homes

  • Although in a Levis shop but should they be held responsible ? Maybe . This obviously an act by two individuals who happen to be employed by a franchise owner. How much control does Levis have in the hiring of these individuals ? If full control then Levis is answerable. Otherwise the two idiots need to be taught a lesson .

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