5 Ways Online Grocery Shopping is Actually Smarter

By Syed Waqas Pervez

Shopping for things on online is becoming more popular day by day.

Screaming Kids, long queues & torn shopping bags – these may be just a couple of the reasons why we avoid visiting the local super markets, choosing instead to do our weekly shopping online.

If you ever wanted to know why people are increasingly relying on shopping online, here are some reasons behind it.

The Maze

Most supermarkets are designed in such a way where a shopper has to go through different floors and aisles to get basic food products. Suppose that your grocery list includes Rice, Wheat, Edibles, Tea, Milk. In most superstores, you may not be able to find these products in the same aisle.

When you opt for the online experience, you can easily use the ‘search’ feature to get to the items you want. Plus the landing pages are designed in a way that help shoppers quickly get access to the best sellers.


Here’s What MyCart Customers are Buying the Most from Its Website

mycart offers the ‘Reorder’ functionality where you can add all products from your previous order in cart with a single tap or click from there you can pick & choose the products you want to order.

The Wait

The checkout process usually takes 1 – 3 minutes. If you are a first time customer (first time takes more time as you have to add your delivery info) or a repeat customer, the online checkout option is faster when compared to your local supermarkets where you have to face a long queue. When you shop online, you are always the priority.

The Dash

When you use an ecommerce platform, after selecting the preferred shipping and payment method, your job is done. This is convenient when you compare the same process offline – after checking out of a retail store. you have to carry your products to the parking (unless you are using a cab or porter service).

When you shop at mycart, the responsibility for keeping your items safe till your doorstep lies with the courier delivering your order.

The Race

1 out of 5 shoppers buy a frozen product with their groceries. Frozen products typically take 25 – 30 minutes to start melting inside the trunk of a car usually. Comparatively, when you order frozen products online, they are delivered to you in temperature-controlled vans and insulated boxes to prevent melting.

The Savings

Even with all the advantages listed above, you can save up to Rs.1000 when you do your monthly groceries at mycart.pk every month from 28th till 7th of the month. You can even avail up to 30% discounts as well as additional offers when you pay with Meezan Bank, MCB & Allied Bank.

With big savings, more convenience & a better shopping experience, grocery shopping online is smart. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Forget the convenience of Shopping online for one second. Yes Shopping in big cities are cumbersome because of the crowd and attractions in the mall and super stores . However online shopping does not go down with the psyche of Pakistani Crowd . There are various reasons. More than 70% of the crowd goes to Super markets stores like Hyper Star in particular are those who mainly go for stalking electronic items or to general roam around. Even the tempted enviorment hardly made them to spend less than 300 Rs that is too on beverages or a sandwitch busicuits.

    The serious buyers are the ones who are more quality centric despite seeking for discounts. It means they need to see the packing and the stuff from naked eye before making the decisions. Most of the brands in pakistan are not honest with their customers and most of the grocery items cannot be returned if you find for instance needle in the rice or insects.

    That is why Online grocery shopping is still struggling in Pakistan and in my view ecommerce boom has been seen in pakistan in last 10 year or so in other consumer items with book of Daraz.PK but it never go to the digital market potential. There are 100s of complaints about online service delivery as what they see online most often is what they not get in thier home. Only thing Pakistanis trust these days is ordering food online as they somewhat trust Food resturants brand more then other consumer items.

    Hyper Star/METRO Imtiaz THEY ALL OFFERED DISCOUNTS and bundled discounts which you cannot find on normal super store.

    Problem with online grocery is more to do with poor customer service, poor quality management more than time saving. As going to window shop or to pass time is first priority for paksitani crowd than serious buyings.

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