Nawaz Sharif Gets Disqualified Again and Pakistani Twitter is Having a Blast with It

In a landmark decision on Wednesday, Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar has declared the disqualified Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is not worthy of heading his own party, Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz).

Ex-PM (and now ex-chief of the PML-N) Nawaz Sharif has been in hot waters ever since the Panama scandal surfaced onto the scene, causing havoc for the Sharif family, who were accused of trying to hide the sources of income that were used to purchase the Mayfair flats in UK.

After his disqualification as the Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif launched a campaign ‘Mujhay Kiyun Nikala’, alleging discrimination by certain quarters that led to his ouster.

Yesterday, another historic decision was announced by a three-judge bench, stating that a person disqualified under Article 62, 63 cannot lead a political party. The judgement also said that all the decisions taken by NS after his disqualification as PM have been declared null and void.

Is it lights out for Nawaz Sharif? Or will he be able to play the victim card and revive his political fortunes? But no matter what happens, yesterday Pakistani social media users had a field day regarding the judgement to disqualify the ex-PM… twice.


Twitter in Meltdown as Nawaz Sharif Says ‘Loota Main Nain to Tumhain Kya’

Here are some of the most hilarious reactions following the judgement:

Well someone had to make the most obvious point:

Some people think there should be a new word for getting booted off office for the third time:

Some said that the Guinness Book of World Records needs to mention this:

This might be the most important takeaway regarding the whole situation:

Only a matter of time before people relied on Hollywood-styled memes to make their point:

Cricketing metaphors continue to explain the whole situation in a new light:

Do you agree?

All this is fine and good, but lets focus on the more important things in life now:

What are your reactions regarding Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification? Sound off in the comments below.

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      • Not SC, this is NAB which opened these cases to “balance” the impression. Nothing happened in past when Iftikhar Chaudry tried to bring those generals to trial. At that time Gen. Kiyani came forward to defend those generals involved in corruption.

      • For PTI supporters who have no time to read:

        On 16th March 2016 Supreme Court of Pakistan upheld decision of Sindh High Court removing name of Musharraf from Exit Control List (ECL).

      • You are lying on public forum.
        1st government was having pressure from army establishment not to trial Musharraf,

        2nd it was SC which ordered government to remove his name from ECL. Google “SC allow musharraf to leave Pakistan” 1st and 3rd link in search results will help with your ignorance.

      • Bhai alll the perception created Army vs Nawaz is all a big hoax for the public .Theyre all one and the same at the top . Only faces and costumes change.

    • The act of accountability should be across the board but how do you decide who gets the treatment first given that there are so many and judiciary time is constrained ? Answer- start with the most prominent ones in public and move on to create that impact on the public as a whole . Its the system and public perception that needs to be turned around that has come to believe that anyone can get away with corruption . If trying Military men first will have that effect then by all means go for them first and then carry on the process .

    • Yes they have…..but first politicians who are direct representatives of the people and hold public offices based upon this, they should be more accountable than anyone in the country.

  • What is the criteria and benchmark of morality of your PML-N leaders? I’m sure you can’t answer this.

    One thing is clear, you won’t be happy with any order against your leader(s).

    On the other hand, I very much liked the Calibri fiasco of your Mariam Nawaz the jhuti. Have I told you that before? ^^


      • its high time that Law must be supreme whatever the outcome may be…….even in Shariah, the supreme leader/ameer is accountable to the Qazi/Judge….Life of sahaba is filled with such examples

  • For a layman, Sharifs and Zardari’s ruined the country in last 30-40 years.
    Bitter truth, but the country progressed in Military doctrines……Just checkout the Pak’s loan situation in last 10 years, stupid politicians have really messed it up..

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