Hotel Owner Arrested for Secretly Filming and Blackmailing Women

Another story has surfaced regarding hidden cameras in rooms – this time the news comes from Vehari. Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Islamabad’s cybercrime division has arrested a hotel owner for installing hidden cameras in guest’s rooms and blackmailing them for money and sexual favors.

Cybercrime wing of FIA took action after a woman complained about the hotel owner. The woman told that Amjad, the hotel owner, secretly recorded her videos and blackmailed her. He further threatened her that if she goes to the police or files a complaint against him, she will have to face severe consequences.

Upon the complaint, FIA conducted a raid at the hotel, situated in Vehari, and found several hidden cameras in changing rooms. The agency arrested the owner and is further investigating whether an organized network is involved or not.


Hidden Man in Ladies’ Changing Room at Gul Ahmed Outlet Sparks Outrage

Not The First Time

This is not the first time that hidden cameras have been discovered in changing rooms. A few weeks ago customers found a hidden man at a Gul Ahmed outlet in Karachi as well.

This whole scandal caught media’s attention when hidden cameras were found in changing rooms of Levi’s store in Faisalabad.

Police, after that, arrested several employees of these outlets and formed teams to investigate further. In raids of a similar kind, police found dozens of shops secretly recording the changing rooms through hidden cameras.

  • Damn! so many criminals!
    Govt. need to understand, its worth to publicizes the punishment, so everyone knows, what will happened.

  • Only solution of all these criminals are ‘Sar-e-aam’ pitai aur saza lekn masla ye hai k ‘Human Rights’ walay aur ‘Libtards’ foran aa jaenge k ghalat hai ye.
    Asal naasoor yahi log hain jo muashray ko sahi honay nahi de rhe.

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