Pakistan’s First Ever Water Policy Approved

All four provinces of Pakistan have come to an understanding and signed the country’s first ever Water Policy. The new Water Policy is essential for managing Pakistan’s water resources better and to ensure that future generations are not deprived of it due to global warming and climate change.

The Council of Common Interests (CCI) presented the Water Policy which was approved unanimously by all participants. The Pakistan Water Charter was approved as well during the same meeting.

Furthermore, it is expected that the development budget for next fiscal year will be approved in the same meeting.

Chief Ministers of Punjab, Sindh, KPK, and Balochistan along with the Prime Minister himself attended the CCI meeting.

The Policy

The approved strategic policy is in compliance with the National Climate Change Policy 2012. Deputy Chairman Sartaj Aziz of Planning Commission drafted the policy which was presented at the 36th meeting of CCI. The draft was sent to all provinces to incorporate their input.


Punjab to Use Smart Water Pumping and Disposal Stations Across the Province

The policy says that administrative bodies will be established at provincial as well as federal levels to manage water supplies better. This includes National Water Council and Provincial Water Authorities for the purpose.

Sartaj Aziz cautioned that Pakistan is moving towards water-scarce conditions. For this, drastic measures are required to ensure that we do not waste our precious water resources. He added that Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) system is in place so that water supplies remain sustainable at present and for the future.

The meeting appreciated the role of Sartaj Aziz and Syed Javed Ali Shah for formulating the policy.

  • Long awaited decision taken by the Committee as the situation is going to be alarming in few years.

  • When RAW agents are sitting in IRSA during negotiations with India, who throw away our rights to an enemy state, were these traitors hanged for jeopardizing all future generations of Pakistanis?
    Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi once said, “Kill the traitors first, then the enemy.”
    Perhaps we should learn from one of the greatest Muslim Leaders who lived after the Prophet and Sahabas.

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