Lenovo Takes The Lead in Latest Laptop Brand Rankings

Each year Laptop Mag comes out with a list of the best laptop brands in the world, and each year we find plenty of surprises. This year’s list comes with a few twists too but Lenovo still dominated the market.

Ranking the world’s 10 best laptop brands, the laptops were graded based on scores from five areas: reviews (out of 40), design (15), support and warranty (20), innovation (10), and value and selection (15).

Best Laptop Brand Rankings 2018

Lenovo topped the chart with an overall score of 86 out of 100. It got nearly perfect scores in reviews and value (with the X1 Carbon being the only laptop with a perfect score last year) but missed out on support and warranty, scoring only 14. This allowed HP to close the gap with its second place, scoring 85.

Dell, Acer and Microsoft

Dell followed with an 82, missing out on reviews and design, but making up the gulf with improvements elsewhere. Acer also gained a rank, climbing up to the fourth position. One final bright spot was Microsoft, which jumped from 10th to 6th in a year, thanks to its innovation in the surface line.


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The casualties start with Asus (4th, 81), Apple (7th, 72) and MSI (9th, 67), with each of them dropping two places. Asus got full marks for value and design but lost out on reviews.


For Apple, a particularly insulting remark would be the innovation score of only 3, alongside the value of 6. It had the best support at 19, but it was its only bright spot.

Finally, the gaming-oriented MSI had a pretty poor showing all-around, with a support score of only 11. Razer and Samsung clung to their 8th and 10th positions, respectively.

  • Indeed Yoga 920 and thinkpad 460, 470 are bes laptop for personal and official tasks.

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