German Ambassador Tweets His Journey Across Pakistan to Dismiss Security Concerns

“A picture is worth a thousand words” – the German Ambassador to Pakistan has done exactly that. The Ambassador, Martin Kobler, used the pictorial representation instead of writing long paragraphs to tell the audience that Pakistan is as peaceful as they come.

The security situation might not be as ideal in some areas, however, it isn’t even one bit close to what international media says about Pakistan. The country is generally portrayed as a war-hit failed state with dystopian laws, however, the Ambassador denied and dismissed all those rubbish perceptions.

The Ambassador Travels

Martin Kobler has visited many places of Pakistan including Peshawar KPK in the past few days. While speaking at a ceremony in Lahore, Kobler told;

The haircut you see here is the haircut I had from Peshawar two weeks ago. If you do not believe me, check my Twitter account.


German Ambassador Wins Hearts & Minds with His Stroll Through Peshawar

Here are a few glimpses of the Ambassador’s trips in various cities of Pakistan, he tweets frequently in Urdu as well;

Kobler also visited several local restaurants without any protocol which is a proof that Pakistan isn’t as bad as it is shown on TV. The Ambassador had a taste of Pakistan’s favourite Biryani as well – for just Rs 170;

On his first visit to Lahore, the Ambassador told that he traveled via train instead of taking a car.

Here is another clip of Martin Kobler engaging with the all-friendly locals in a wheat field.

The Ambassador, speaking at the ceremony, added that the trade-ties between Germany and Pakistan are a good sign. He further stressed that Pakistan needs to invest more in the education sector as more than half of Pakistan’s population is under 30.

  • Govt. should take a note “Pakistan needs to invest more in the education sector”
    But putwari govt. se koi umeed nahi lagaye ja sakti.

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