YouTube Launches a Feature to Remind You to Take a Break

With Google’s Android P on the way, the company is bringing new changes to their existing app collection to stay up-to-date with current trends, such as notched displays, and improve the user experience.


YouTube just received a new update, which lets users remind themselves to stop procrastinating and focus on their daily tasks. Accessed from the settings, you can now make the YouTube app notify you when you spend too much time on it watching videos. Its easy to set up,

  • Tap your profile-icon on the top-right of the screen after launching the YouTube app.
  • Touch Settings and then General.
  • Tap Remind me to take a break.
  • Now choose your desired Reminder frequency after which you will get prompted to take a break.

Youtube Remind me to take a break settings

When you spend more time than the time limit you picked in the “Reminder frequency” menu, you will receive a notification from YouTube which will tell you to stop procrastinating. It will not block you out of the app or stop the video itself, it will just notify you to do so – of course, its up to you to decide whether you want to follow it or not.


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Its good for people who want to take short breaks to cool down from their stressing tasks, such as work or studies, and only have a short time to watch videos. Moreover, the app also received a “scheduled digest” feature, which holds YouTube notifications and sends them to you all at once on a predefined time of your preference.

Download YouTube for Android or iOS.


  • Why did they bring these updates when this will probably result in decreased usage of their app? Do they really care about people or is there some other story?

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