Citizens Are Demanding Action Against Sale of Food Leftovers

The residents of Islamabad have spoken up against the sale of leftover and reused food items in the capital. The concerned residents demanded the relevant authorities to take stern measures against such practice that causes health issues.

The citizens told that consumption of such unhealthy food during the holy month of Ramzan may lead to critical medical complications.

The Areas

The residents of Islamabad added that following sectors go unchecked as authorities fail to notice the malpractices in the food sector;

  • G-6,
  • G-7,
  • G-8,
  • G-13,
  • G-10,
  • G-11,
  • F-11, and,
  • I-10.


Punjab Food Authority to Ban Styrofoam Cups and Plates

There is no check and balance from the authorities’ side against the sale of these items, the citizens added. The complaints add that the vendors refry fries and other items in used oil and keep selling those items.

The Gastroenterologist at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Dr Wasim Khawaja added that the number of patients affected by consuming unhealthy food has increased in Ramzan. He advised the public to avoid taking such stuff as it is cooked in unhygienic conditions. In case one has to buy food, they must ensure the quality of the items before buying them, the doctor added.

Punjab and KPK food authorities recently banned several brands for selling substandard products. Let’s see how the authorities in the federal capital curb such practices in Islamabad.

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