i2i Launches Startup Toolkit For Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Invest2Innovate (i2i) has launched a Startup Toolkit to support the entrepreneurial community of Pakistan.

Having already launched the i2i Investor Toolkit in 2016, the i2i team has now unveiled the i2i Startup Toolkit, a 101 guide for Pakistani startups that can help entrepreneurs to execute their ideas successfully.


i2i Releases Investor Toolkit for Funding Startups in Pakistan


i2i Startup Toolkit

It is a challenge to turn a startup into a thriving business. A huge number of startups fail to take off due to limited access to legal advice, poor decision-making and lack of know-how.

The i2i Startup Toolkit is an effort to combat the lack of relevant information which could save founders from making mistakes. It is a comprehensive guide on legal procedures and the entrepreneurial journey, created in collaboration with the Co-founder of Wukla, Mubariz Siddiqui.

Some of the most important topics covered in the i2i Startup Toolkit include:

  • Registering a company in Pakistan
  • Types of businesses and legal entities
  • Applicable taxes on businesses
  • Idea protection and Intellectual Property rights
  • The due diligence process – what investors demand
  • Types of investments
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Company valuation
  • Term sheets and their significance
  • Equity
  • Vesting
  • Dilution

Co-founder of Easy Insurance, Fahad Awan says:

This startup toolkit has all the relevant legal information that a founder seeks during his/her journey. It’s a must read to have the legal aspects of your startup covered.

You can download the i2i Startup Toolkit 2018 from here.

What is i2i?

Having started its operations in Pakistan in 2011, i2i is aimed at providing an ecosystem for the much-needed entrepreneurial growth. The firm also offers an Accelerator program named i2i Accelerator which finds and promotes impact entrepreneurs, providing them business support and introducing them to investors and mentors during the course of a 4-month program.

In addition, i2i has pursued two other verticals, Insight – providing insights using data, research, and analytics to understand growth markets, and Invest – offering access to capital in such markets.

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