Pakistanis Go Crazy After Avengers Star Expresses Desire to Visit Pakistan

Chris Pratt, one of the biggest names in Hollywood, has sent fans into a frenzy after his tweet about Pakistan. The Jurassic World, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Avengers: Infinity War star has sent out a tweet saying he hopes to visit Pakistan one day.

The Star-Lord held a Q&A session on Twitter where he responded to a fan from Pakistan. The actor said;

Love back at you Pakistan! I had a cool Bowie knife growing up that was made in Pakistan. It said Made in Pakistan right on the blade. Hope to visit one day!

And here is his official tweet;

Let’s see how Twitterati responded to the Superhero’s tweet.

Well who doesn’t like Groot and Rocket (read Rabbit);


Author of Harry Potter Writes Back to 12 Year Old Fan from Jammu and Kashmir

This sums up the reaction of almost every single Pakistani.


Pen Di Siri? Not sure about this one though.

Liverpool fans are finally making sense, good one.

This tip might come in handy.


A sight to behold.

[Spoiler] Some might question his not-so-intelligent move to engage Thanos that eventually wiped out half of the universe, but we sure love him for his affection towards Pakistan. The actor is in Shanghai these days for the promotion of the upcoming film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

What do you think about Star-Lord’s wish to visit Pakistan someday?

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