Social Media Helps Man Find Important Docs He Lost on the Karakoram Highway

When you travel, chances are that you might have forgotten to carry something important with you. Or worse, you may end up losing your luggage. We’ve all been there.

However, for some people, such as one Shabbir Hussain who was traveling from Islamabad to Skardu, losing his luggage represented a life or death situation. His bag went missing midway through his journey as it fell off the top of the bus he was traveling on.

It turns out that the bag contained the medical certificates of his ailing father who is being treated at Combined Military Hospital (CMH) for a brain tumor.

Shabbir went back to look for the bag, however, his hopes of finding it vanished when he couldn’t locate it. Having no clue as to what to do, Shabbir turned to social media for help. He recorded an emotional video in which he told the viewers that the bag contained his important educational documents.

However, most important of all, Shabbir added that his father’s treatment would come to a halt if he doesn’t find those documents in time.

Shabbir couldn’t hold back tears, urging everyone to share his video so that he doesn’t lose hope and find his belongings. Call it luck or just sending his message via the right channel, social media played its part and the video went viral in a short span.

Many people, including Major General Asif Ghafoor – DG ISPR – shared the video and asked the audience for help. You can see Shabbir’s message in the video below:

Lost and Found

To the joy of many, Shabbir Hussain has finally found his bag. Asif Ghafoor announced that the bag is being delivered to Shabbir. He added that further assistance at CMH will be given to his father as well.

We often see too much hate over social media these days. However, Shabbir’s case has highlighted that it can be a force for good too.

  • Shabbir Hussain bhai, kam se kam video upload kar den ke aap ko bag mil chuka hai kion ke log abhi bhi aap ki videos share kar rhe hain. taky logon ko pata chal jaye ke aap ko bag mil gaya hai.

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