Make Your Chaand Raat Festive And Glittery At Your Favorite Packages Mall!

The much-awaited time of the year where you go gaga with excitement is here! With moments that calls for sharing happiness and laughter with family & friends, all you look for is enticing ways to celebrate after the Holy Month of Ramadan.

How about you double the fun this year with the Packages Mall, where Lahore comes to SHOP! Packages Mall is fully prepped up to exhibit the most rejoicing and cheerful indoor shopping and chaand raat experience. While the city will be busy shinning with flashy lights and small bulbs, the mall will leave no stone unturned to give you a whole new world of artistic & elaborated décor, including themed installations, colorful baubles, twinkling ferry lights & bulbs, towering trees and much more. The décor will stand class-apart, being a perfect eye candy and a festive selfie-worthy environment for all.

Other than the distinctive decoration, the Mall will be an absolute delight for all those who shop worth 3k & more to win thrilling EIDI tokens, bringing cost-free services & surprising gifts, at our Super Eid Spree.

While we know, you just can’t wait to find out what the free gift tokens will include, let us break the ice by sharing what all you can look forward to, at your very own Packages Mall.  The tokens will give the women and girls a legit reason to spend their Chaand Raat with Packages by offering free henna application, gleaming bangle stalls, salon services, nail art and a lot more. Women can always enjoy the stalls and head back to MORE SHOPPING!

The FUN does not end here; it’s the KID Carnival next!

Of course, we are not missing out on kids! The tokens also include cotton candy, cookies, entrance to engaging kids’ play area and much more! Brilliantly, the play area will not only have a play station, to host interesting game wars between kids, but also conventional games like LUDO, while the mommies enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.

Experience this Chaand Raat like NEVER Before!

The Packages Mall has always been an entertainment hub for all; in coordination with the tradition, the Mall inaugurated the concept of indoor Eid Shopping Spree for a festive shopping experience, with all the must haves of a perfect chaad raat feel, which after this is becoming a trend all over mall industry in Pakistan. Even this time, the management is set to break records by putting a phenomenal performance!

So would you want to miss any of this? Come join us on Chaand Raat and let us make it superb for you!

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