Research Proves Alcohol, Pig Meat & Bacon Can Cause Cancer

Bid farewell to processed meat and alcohol if you are to stay away from a number of cancers, assert cancer experts at the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF).

The 3rd WCRF Expert Report titled ‘Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer: a Global Perspective’ was unveiled at European Congress on Obesity in Vienna on last Thursday; the first two were published in 1997 and 2007 respectively.

The WCRF guidelines are updated every ten years with this year’s edition outlining steps on how to keep yourself protected against different forms of cancer.

Hot dogs, burgers, and ham have been linked directly to bowel cancer, while booze can trigger as many as six cancers.

“Even small amounts of alcoholic drinks can increase the risk of some cancers”, the report said.

Processed meats lead to obesity which ultimately can be a cause of a number of cancers saying that “no level of intake can confidently be associated with a lack of risk of bowel cancer”.

The experts have also rejected the notion that bacon sandwiches are not harmful, saying that it can also trigger cancer.


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Throat, prostate, ovary, stomach, and liver cancer are also caused by obesity like those of womb, pancreas, esophagus, kidney, gallbladder, breast and bowel etc.

The report highlighted that fat will be the most common cause of cancer after 20 years, overtaking smoking. One in six deaths is attributed to cancer annually, thanks to increasing number of countries adopting a Western lifestyle.

24 million people will be suffering from cancer by 2035 which translates into a 58% increase in cancer cases.

The 10-Point Recommendations

The report laid out a 10-point health plan which can keep you safe from cancers based on the research carried out on 51 million people out of which 3.5 million had cancer.

Our Cancer Prevention Recommendations work together as a blueprint to beat cancer that people can trust because they are based on evidence that has now proved consistent for decades.

  1. Maintain a healthy weight
  2. Perform physical activity
  3. Enrich your diet with beans, fruits, and vegetables
  4. Limit processed food (high in sugar, starch, and fats) consumption as well as fast foods
  5. Do not eat processed or red meat
  6. Sugar-sweetened drinks should be avoided
  7. Say no to alcohol
  8. No supplements to prevent cancer
  9. Mothers should breastfeed their babies
  10. Even after the cancer diagnosis, strictly follow these above-mentioned instructions

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  • That’s funny because last I checked, all countries that consume so-called ‘cancerous’ and non-halal products including the West and others, almost all have a higher life expectancy than most, if not all, muslim countries…
    You should really advocate for better lifestyle management, better diet, avoidance of street food like paan and desi food instead of publishing stuff that slanders the food of other countries

    • higher life expectancy with alcohol and beacons?
      That’s the research of those higher life expectancy peoples :)

    • It is not his research stuff. It’s World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) stuff that he reposted. Kindly contact World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) to stop posting stuff about other countries food.

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