Cold Showers Are Uncomfortable But Are Great For Health: Study

It sounds quite appealing to take a bath with cold water when you’re under that scorching sun on a summer day. But most of us would still opt for a lukewarm shower rather than a cold one, simply because the cold showers leave us shivering.

Taking baths is considered crucial for a healthy lifestyle. Sure everybody loves how hot showers sooth your muscles, help ease your anxiety and more. This is because while taking hot showers, our body produces “Oxytocin”, the hormones that are responsible for helping us relax.

On the other hand, having a cold bath in the early morning, and feeling cold water drizzle over our body appears more upsetting than relaxing.  However, a recent study has shown that taking cold showers is actually way more beneficial than warm ones. What’s important is how our body responds to that cold bath. For starters, it gets your pulse rate up, resulting in a rush of blood through our complete body.

And that’s not all. Let’s find out the various ways that a cold shower helps you out:

A Cold Shower Helps Reduce Depression

According to New York dermatologist Michele Green, MD “Cold showers wake up your skin receptors, which causes an increase in activity of the brain.” She also added that this increase in brain activity alleviates stress and even depression.  “This can increase the ‘Serotonin’ levels that help improve mental acuity and relieve depression symptoms.”

Normally, a cold hydrotherapy has a painkiller effect and does not seem to have perceptible side effects or cause addiction.

A Cold Shower Can Make You Look Younger

When it approaches hair and skin, one of the utmost natural ways to uphold your look is with cold showers. Hot water has the inclination to dry, scaly, or irritated skin.

According to experts, cold water can make you look more youthful. Dr. Green says “A cold shower tightens the pores and it also seals in moisture.”

Cold Showers Are Preferable For People With Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin conditions know that hot water showers can make things even worse. Their skin gets dry and becomes more sensitive which leads to skin irritation.

“If you are already battling skin conditions hot showers may exacerbate the problem,” says Jordan Carqueville, MD a dermatologist in Chicago.

People Who Take Cold Shower Don’t Get Sick Very Often

A recent study in the Netherlands found that on average those who took cold showers for at least 30 seconds each day for a month experienced a 29 percent decline in sick days. And two-thirds of the test group continued taking cold showers after the study wrapped.  This proves that cold shower improves the immune system.

Cold Shower Increases Blood Circulation

Cold shower enhances blood circulation in our body, which can support to combat some complications of the skin and heart. Dr. Joseph Mercola, a regular health expert says “It can also slow down the blood pressure, clear jammed arteries, and increase our immune system.”

Taking cold showers after work-out can also help with the blood circulation because when a person works out their capillaries dilate and heat is dissipated through the skin, so when taking cold showers the water constricts this dilation and the blood is then kept more central.

Motivates Weight Loss

For people who are looking to lose some weight should try taking cold showers. Cold showers have proven to burn calories as the human body comprises two kinds of fat tissues, white fat, and brown fat.

What you want is brown fat rather than white fat because brown fat produces heat to keep our bodies warm, and is triggered when visible to extreme cold.

A study found that disclosure to great cold temperatures triggered brown fat in 23 and 24 contestants by a 15-fold rise, meaning somebody could drop up to nine pounds in a year time if they had this practice up.

Getting Started with Cold Water Showers

If you’ve spent most of your life taking hot showers, suddenly turning the dial in the other direction can be a big shock to the system. It is recommended a minimum of two minutes and no more than 15 minutes in a cold shower. Plus you don’t want to go over the board to take a cold shower that is so cold that it exacerbates any kind of vascular issues.

If you still aren’t sold to the idea of taking a cold shower to try taking a lukewarm shower followed by 30 seconds under the cold water.

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