Pakistan Ranked Ahead of India in Mobile Broadband Rankings

According to the latest edition of Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index, Pakistan has a better mobile broadband as compared to India despite there been concerns over the efforts to get people online in the country.

Mobile Broadband

Pakistan has been ranked at 96th place for mobile internet, ahead of India which grabbed the 109th spot in the June’s edition of the global internet speed test. It must be noted that Pakistan has dropped five places from the previous month’s rankings, while India has improved its position by 4 places.

Pakistan’s download speed of 14.03 Mbps was well below the global average of 23.54 Mbps while India scored 9.12 Mbps. The average upload speed for mobile broadband was recorded at 9.28 Mbps while Pakistan scored 8.58 Mbps and India’s upload speed was recorded at 3.62 Mbps.

Top 10

Qatar has snatched the first spot from Norway in the June’s edition of global rankings.

Rank Change in Rank Country Download Speed
1 +1 Qatar 63.22
2 -1 Norway 62.14
3 +2 UAE 54.67
4 Singapore 53.53
5 -2 Iceland 52.39
6 Netherlands 51.83
7 +2 Canada 50.75
8 -1 Australia 50.52
9 -1 Hungary 48.81
10 Belgium 48.24


Fixed Broadband

When it comes to fixed broadband, India is well ahead of the neighbours; ranked 62nd (up by 5 places from previous month) in the world out of 133 countries as compared to Pakistan’s 122 (dropping 2 places).

The top position belonged to Singapore with a stupendous downloading speed of 180.57 Mbps as compared to the global average of 46.25 Mbps. The average upload speed was 22.47 Mbps.

The download and upload speeds for Pakistan were 7.55 and 5.29 Mbps respectively compared to India’s 23.47 and 18.48 Mbps.

Top 10
Rank Change in Rank Country Download Speed
1 Singapore 180.57
2 +1 Hong Kong 150.70
3 -1 Iceland 148.95
4 South Korea 114.07
5 Romania 108.42
6 +6 Jersey 99.25
7 -1 Hungary 94.44
8 +1 United States 93.98
9 -1 Sweden 92.08
10 -3 Switzerland 91.89

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  • For me upload speed is more important than download. And Zong is breaking the records with its super fast upload speeds.

    • For me ping is much more important than speed. Better ping improves your browsing experience by alot. Even if you have 1Mbps connection on a low ping internet, websites will open up blazing fast.

      • that’s not necessary and you can’t open USA websites on 1ms ping so bandwidth circuit is matter because of contents of website like bbc, cnn etc they are too heavy pages that required heavy bandwidth.

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