Vulnerabilty in Whatsapp Can Compromise Your Messages and Identity

One of the more sophisticated WhatsApp hacks in recent times has been discovered by the security firm Check Point, which detailed the findings in a video. The hack pertains to the way the app is handled and synchronized between the mobile version and the web client.

What it Does

It stands out because of the far-reaching way it can manipulate the messages and their sender’s identity. Not only can a hacker change the content of the message completely (in the video, the message “Great!” was changed to “I’m going to die, in a hospital right now!”), but also the username of the sender.

Lastly, it can also send a public message disguised as a private message, so when the message is sent, it is visible to everyone in the group. WhatsApp has been notified of the problem, claiming that it is similar to an email alteration. WhatsApp says that they are working towards finding a fix, however, we haven’t been told when to expect it.

Top-Notch Encryption?

While a definitive fix is not here yet, Check Point does mention the effectiveness of WhatsApp’s encryption, which they apparently haven’t been able to bypass. The best way to tackle any attackers is to employ a two-step verification mechanism.

It’s hardly the first time in recent months that WhatsApp finds itself mired in controversy. Last month, fake news spread through the app triggered a series of lynchings across India, causing it to introduce country-specific features. The news of this hack will continue to raise suspicions surrounding the quality of service being delivered.

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