PIA Ranked 3rd Worst Airline in the World

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been ranked at 70th spot in the 5th annual airline rankings published by AirHelp – a company which helps compensate for the delays and cancellations in flights.

The company ranked 72 international airlines based on their performance in the first quarter of 2018 using statistically significant data.

Ranking Criteria

The overall rankings were generated based on the following factors:

  • Customer complaints handling – responding to the claims filed by the customers
  • Service quality – taken from the reputed rating websites and online feedback by the customers
  • On-time performance – timely take-offs and no delays/cancellations

Worst 10 Airlines

The statisticians at AirHelp have ranked the following as the worst airlines in the world:

For understanding, below are the ranks along with on-time performance score.

Note: The rankings are based on two other factors as well, therefore, you might see better on-time performance for the lower ranked airlines as well. This would mean that these airlines fared poorly on the other ranking factors.

Rank Airline On-time Performance Score (%)
72 WOW Air 75
71 Royal Jordanian Airlines 83
70 PIA 61
69 EasyJet 79
68 Air Mauritius 69
67 Ryanair 86
66 Korean Air 64
65 Iberia 84
64 Aerolineas Argentinas 85
63 Jet Airways 65


PIA has the worst on-time performance score, offering only 61% timely services.

Top 10 Airlines

According to AirHelp, these are the 10 best airlines:

Rank Airline On-time Performance Score (%)
1 Qatar Airways 89
2 Lufthansa 76
3 Etihad Airways 86
4 Singapore Airlines 85
5 South African Airways 85
6 Austrian Airlines 80
7 Aegean Airlines 90
8 Qantas 89
9 Air Malta 86
10 Virgin Atlantic 82


Some of the biggest names including KLM and Emirates failed to reach the top 10 and were ranked at 11th and 16th respectively.

What is your say on the matter? Let us know in the comments section.

Via Bloomberg

Head of Sports and LENS at ProPakistani.pk

  • Icelandic airways is the worst in the world ? Well that’s hard to imagine but I guess it would be true.

  • If you won’t bring change you will become history. Same with PIA, they must adapt the change.

  • WOW…air tops the list actually, with its name and position in the ladder.
    PIA on the other hand is also deserving of applause as it has managed to withstand enormous corruption by our governments and MLAs, and is still a running airline, though amongst the worst.

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