Pakistan Government Establishes Contact with Twitter to Block Objectionable Content

The Government of Pakistan has established long-awaited official contact with Twitter, according to details shared with ProPakistani.

Twitter officials are in touch with the Pakistani government, particularly regarding objectionable content posted on the social media platform. Similar to Facebook, Twitter has agreed to accept the terms shared by the Government of Pakistan while maintaining its own policies and terms of condition.

The point of contact between Twitter and the Pakistani government will be PTA. It bears mentioning that PTA is also the point of contact for Facebook.

PTA is already responsible for the monitoring, identification, and removal of any objectionable content on the internet.


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A PTA spokesperson, while talking with ProPakistani, said, “Twitter has shown a willingness to build strong relations with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). The Authority is currently in talks with Twitter representatives to decide the future course of action & set forth an effective mechanism to review and resolve critical issues.”

It must be mentioned here that Pakistan government was trying to find a way to remove certain content from Twitter but the social media company had no proper procedure to remove objectionable content from its platform. However, recently Twitter has also started a crackdown against fake news and objectionable content.

  • This is just a decoy to block Twitter in Pak on account of blasphemous content. Such content should be blocked but the real problem is that Paki Fauj is being justly and openly bashed and lamented of on Twitter which the “patriots” are unable to control and tolerate.

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