Here’s Your First Look at Xiaomi Mi Mix 3’s Camera Slider

Even though it was all but confirmed by Xiaomi’s VP last week, we hardly know any details regarding the upcoming Mi Mix 3 phone (other than the vaunted slider, of course). Now, a supposed leaked video sheds light on how Mi Mix 3’s slider works.

For one, the phone will be unique in that it comes with a manual sliding mechanism à la Nokia sliding phones from years gone and not a small, separate module like the Oppo Find X or the Vivo NEX.

This could be a potential solution to camera sliders being too fragile, as was the case with Oppo Find X. Famous YouTuber Zack tested the phone’s durability on his channel JerryRigEverything, with the phone failing horribly during the test.



Oppo Find X Fails in Simple Durability Test [Video]

However, the slider seems a bit too soft? Like it slides a little too easily, leading us to believe it might be a fake video. It’s an unconfirmed leak regardless, so take it with a grain of salt.

While it is not confirmed why Xiaomi opted for manual operation, the reasons likely vary from better reliability and less complication design & manufacturing, which would also aid the former. In any case, you will have something to occupy your mind when idle.

It remains to be seen which way Lenovo goes when its own sliding-camera phone gets launched.

5G Support

Xiaomi’s Global spokesperson and Director Product Management, Donovan Sung, recently confirmed the presence of 5G support on the phone. He shared the news by sharing an image of the phone, with 5G+ clearly written in the signal column at the top.

It is unlikely that a 5G network will be up and running anywhere when the phone launches, however, it will give it increased longevity. It is the first phone to be announced with the feature, though, the Moto Z3 will also have 5G support thanks to an external Moto Mod accessory that will be released in 2019.

Via GSMArena

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