Mitsubishi Launches a LED That Perfectly Imitates Sunlight

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has come up with a new technology that will enable you to enjoy sunlight while remaining indoors. In fact, these lights can also seamlessly transition from sunlight to the regular old fluorescent lights that we typically use.

For those of us who spend most of the day indoors, and are willing to give anything to get a ray of sunlight while doing work or sitting in a hospital, this new LED light seems like a godsend.

Mitsubishi has rolled out an indoor lighting system mimicking natural light at CEATEC Japan 2018.

Natural Lights, Indoors!

One thing that makes this development unique is that these lights precisely mimics the all the transitions that occur in 24 hours during the day, be it at sunset, sunrise, noon and else.

This new indoor lighting comprises a thin frame and panel measuring less than 100mm. It is based on the edge-lit method that emits LED light from the side of the light panel.

There are suspended diffusers through which this light passes and gives it a natural look, making it seem like a real window rather than a sample of highly advanced technology.

The thin panel can be adjusted into a variety of applications in public facilities and offices. Above all, it can cover your office’s large ceiling through tiling and bring the much-wanted sunlight in your workstation.


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Mitsubishi also states that the colors of this LED lighting have automatic controls, which means they reflect the shifts in the time from daybreak to midday to dusk.

Maintains Your Body Rhythm

Nevertheless, this invention not only brightens up your workspace or the inside of the hospitals, it also impacts you psychologically and physiologically.

Your body runs on a circadian rhythm, a biological clock that keeps checks over your sleep, hormonal release, body temperature, hunger, and all other important functions.

The transitions in the daytime influences your biological clock and enables you to sleep at night. That is the reason you cannot sleep after using Smartphones for a long time. Thus, this technology is going to be good for your overall health as well.

When asked about when we can see this technology at a workplace near you, Mitsubishi has not announced any schedule yet for the system’s commercial release.

  • kon hain wo log jo kaam karte hain indoor or dekhna chahte hain sunlight bethhe bethhe instead of taking a 5 minute stroll out in the Natural Sunlight….. I wanna see those weirdos.. :P

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