Govt Considering Plan to Build 19 Dams Including Kalabagh

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) led federal government is reportedly considering the construction of 19 dams to enhance water storage capacity of the country in order to address the looming water crisis.

The 19 large and medium water reservoirs, the federal government is mulling to construct, also include the controversial Kalabagh Dam, which may stir a reaction in Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The English-language daily, Pakistan Today, while quoting unnamed sources in the Ministry of Water Resources said the government is considering to construct 19 dams including the Kalabagh Dam.


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The sources said that the government’s move is aimed at fulfilling the future water needs of the country in the face of looming water shortage.

They said that these projects are currently at different stages of planning, while the government wants to construct the dams as early as possible.

The newspapers, while citing official documents, said that so far, 19 projects of water reservoirs/dams with an approximate storage capacity of 30MAF are at different stages of planning and execution.

These projects include Diamer Bhasha Dam with a storage capacity of 6.4MAF, Mohmand Dam with 0.676MAF, Kurram Tangi Dam 0.90MAF and Nai Gaj Dam with water storage capacity of 0.16MAF.

Similarly, Kurram Tangi II (0.90MAF), Winder Dam 0.36MAF, Naulong Dam 0.20MAF, Kalabagh Dam 6.10MAF, Shaivak Dam 5.40MAF, Akhorri Dam 6.00MAF, Barra Dam 0.062MAF, Chanute Dam 1.00 MAF, Hangole Dam 0.521MAF, Bhimbar Dam 0.040MAF, Badinzai Dam 0.300MAF, Daraban Dam 0.069MAF, Tank Dam 0.289AF, Saklaigi Dam 0.042MAF and Dotarah Dam 0.132MAF are also at the planning stage.


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The report said the concerned authorities had perceived that the country might suffer a water shortage of 31MAF by 2025. Pakistan is currently facing a water shortage which is likely to turn into a crisis if appropriate measures are not taken on a war-footing basis.

In the start of 2018, the Indus River System Authority’s (IRSA) advisory committee had projected 38 percent water shortage for crop cultivation and asked the provinces to use better management techniques to utilize the available resource and stressed vigilant monitoring of water usage.

    • Some of the mentioned dams are rain water storage hence necessary and good step, however all mentioned projects are in pipeline since a decade or more.

      • & there is the reason they’re in Pipeline & not in PC stage. Pakistan’s problem isn’t water storage, its Water Dispersion & distribution. Cape Town suffered severe water shortage just last year, they aren’t building DAMS & reservoirs instead they’ve planned to improve the water distribution systems.

    • same yehi bat BBC Urdu wale apne articles me likh rahe hei jo tum ne likhi lekin 1 assan si bat tum jeise logo ko nazr nhi aati k dam na hone se pichle jo do selab aye the un se Pakistn ko kitne arab repe ka naqsaan huwa, kitne log mare gye, kitne be ghar huwe sirf is waja se k hum pani store nahi kr skte the dosri bat future me pani k buht masla bne ga or mere alaqe me to pichle do sal se pani ka buht msla hei tb tum jeise chawal ansan to khreed kr nestle ka pani pee le ge baqi awam jo nahi khreed skti itna pani wo kya kre gi. teesri bat sari dunya dam bna rahi hei india ne buht sare dam bnaye hei lekin Paskiatan me jb bhi dam bnane ki bat aati hei tum jeise بیغیرت، بے شرم، کرائے کے ٹٹو har roz koyi naya naqsaan samne late ho tum logo ko dam bnane k chote chote naqsaan to nazar aate hei is k jo latadad faide hei wo nazr nahi aate

      • Brother, you have a valid point, but I will be surprised if I see you uttering same words face to face to @eliehsan:disqus, which I don’t think you or anyone have the guts to do. So, kindly try to put/prove your point in a manly, respectful manner when you have the freedom to say anything to anyone on social media.

      • معاف کیجیے گا۔۔ پتہ نہیں تھا آپ کی دم پہ پاؤں آگیا غلطی سے۔۔

    • wo ho rhy to ye b ho jain gy
      jab tak kro gy nhi to bharo gy kesy so stop and move on

      • i don’t say nahin karoo… i said check and controls must be built before to start any mega project. and feasibility must be verified by suject matter experts instead of corrupt politician who never know about the civil engineering and program management.

        neelam jehlam Dam,,, mashAllah sey baneey hi chala ja raha hey.. itney mein 10 DAM ban jatey… duniya ka sab sey mehenga DAM jis ki feasibility 10 baar change hoi hey…. 2000% above the budget….. ye silent corruption ka best source hey… nobody will ask….

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