Umar Saif Speaks Up on His Sacking as PITB Chairman

Former Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) chairman Dr. Umar Saif has for the first time opened up about his sacking from the post by the provincial government.

Saif, while speaking on a local TV show on Tuesday, said he is happy he served his country and carries no burden.

To a question, former PITB chief said the incumbent government decided to replace him as this was its prerogative, the decision has been announced.

Umar said a summary has been moved in this regards but he was yet to receive a formal notification, which is expected on Wednesday (today).

Saif stated that the government has already found out the new chairman for the board.


Govt Removes PITB Chairman Umar Saif

Saif revealed that the charge of Vice-Chancellor of Punjab Information Technology University was also taken away from him and will be given to a senior professor of the University, while the P&D chairman Habeeb-ur-Rehman Gillani would be the new chairman of PITB.

Dr. Umar Saif was appointed as the chairman of the Punjab Information Technology Board in November 2011.

In a statement shared with ProPakistani,  Dr. Umar Saif confirmed the development on Monday.

The statement further read:

All good things must come to an end. It was a privilege to serve this country for 7 years.

I served five successive governments and established two institutions: PITB, which became the main reform engine for the government with over 300 projects in Punjab and other provinces, and ITU, which in just 5 years, became one of the premier technology universities of Pakistan with close to 100 PhD faculty members.

Plan9, PlanX and e-rozgaar paved new avenues of entrepreneurship, innovation and employment for the youth of Pakistan.

I am truly proud of all my team members. 1,700 fantastic professionals at PITB; 112 faculty members at ITU.

In the end, I served for as long as I could — beyond provincial boundaries and political divides — and gave it all I had. I am sure those who come in future will take these institutions to new heights. Pakistan zindabad!

    • With all due respect, I will be surprised if the govt. can find a single person who is at least as qualified as Dr. Saif.

      • There is lot of talent in Pakistan. Believe on system, not on people. Dr Saif did a great job and provided solid baseline, now its govt responsibility to make it running. Saif will not serve for whole life. Steps need to be taken especially in IT sector.

        When I was in Netsol LTD, we were surprised when CEO was removed after more than 10 years serving, but nothing happened wrong with Netsol, because these company are not dependent on one man show

        • Netsol started as a small team and grew exponentially, became international level company in the leadership of former CEO

          Will you please let us know why growth of Netsol is now stalled ?

          • In this universe every entity has its limit. It can grow to its maximum limits, then there is time to think different. This is happening same with Netsol. Netsol is purely focusing on only on product that is Auto leasing financial suit, and captured most of its target by extending its customer to mexico. But still they were little late by introducing next generation product.

            Its fine, Now they are servings by existing clients.
            This is company policy whether they want to stick with only one product and provide maximum satisfaction to existing clients or invest on new innovation by introducing new domain.

            But one thing is confirm, still Netsol revenue is highest in Pakistan.
            If you compare globally Microsoft and Oracle are facing the same issue, Microsoft has cut down most of its products to focus only on specialized products.

            • From Microsoft’s founding in 1975 until 2006, Bill Gates had primary responsibility for the company’s product strategy

              So successful companies/organization keep their founders.

              Microsoft and Oracle have outgrown, they have numerous products and cut down is insignificant.

              Netsol focus on one product means that there is no R&D or product strategy. Next there will be down sizing if such model goes on.

              • Yes I agree, Netsol is lacking R&D in other sector. Even they had cut off all local products in 2010, 2011 (ITCNS). Compare to Netsol; System tech captured lot of local market.

  • While everyone is swooning over him, even the intelligent and educated people are not able to notice that Dr. Umar Saif, a Cambridge PhD, has unfortunately been behaving as an eyewash. If he can alter the facts of his schooling age, what else can be expected of him? He claims to have done his PhD in three years when he was just 21 years old. It dose not require to be a rocket scientist to conclude that he should have been just 8 years old when he was in Class 9 at Aitchison College. Now, the educated, intelligent lot who are gushing their praise on his “symbolic achievements”, should tell me whether a sane mind would accept this logic of being the First Youngest Pakistani Doctorate claim? Do you think the administration of the college would have allowed him to skip classes and enroll in the O-Levels at the age of 8? Why would Dr. Umar Saif even think of doing such kind of publicity in the first place? This reflects the kind of mindset which is very unfortunate and unlike for someone claiming to be a high achiever in a profession which is based on ethics, integrity and honesty. I for one, would not even consider someone even further anymore who has deliberately put forward himself with such an absurdity and who has been moving heaven and earth in seeking and building throughout his tenure with tax-payers’ money his false image day in and day out in all these years as Chairman PITB and Rector ITU. And the output is just nada, zilch, in million years. What else is left to talk about his accomplishments. Unfortunately, there are many imposters in the country who have wasted enough resources and time and given nothing to this country. All they have is “great stories to tell” and their “past accomplishments” as if they had done a great favor by accepting the job to “serve” this country.

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