Pakistan is Now Dealing with Hybrid Conflicts: Army Chief

Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa stated that Pakistan is now facing hybrid conflicts.

During an interactive session with the participants of a National Security Workshop, the COAS asserted that while Pakistan has dealt with an array of conflicts and come out strong, the nation is now dealing with hybrid conflicts. The Army Chief then explained as to what he meant by hybrid conflict –  a multi-pronged conflict draws from an array of religious, sectarian, ethnic and social issues.

He also affirmed the need for an adequate national response to the issue. In particular towards the protection of Pakistan’s largest demographic, its youth, against such propaganda disseminated via soft power.


General Bajwa stressed the need for development, asserting that was what the hard won peace was for. He said that it was Pakistan’s time to rise and we must avail that opportunity.

The National Security Workshop is an annual event hosted at the National Defense University. The 20 attendees this year were first briefed on the security situation of Pakistan. The participants then attended an interactive session with the COAS at the General Headquarters.

  • Let’s admit it. Pakistan is in hot waters due to many proxy wars. And in recent years, some of the efforts are intensified. That’s not the surprising part. The surprising part is that our younger generation is still oblivious of any such thing, and most would categorize such things (Proxy Wars, Social Media as a War Tool etc) as mere conspiracy or a joke. I blame it on our education system, and hope that it’s improved in current Govt.’s tenure because by God there is a DIRE need to revolutionize our education system.

    • Dont you feel the misery that our army has to borrow terms from a certain laal topi attention seeker? Bhai ji hamari generation selfies, facebook aur whatsapp mein magan hein. We let it happen. Let them enjoy the trance now.

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