SFA Seals Four Factories Producing Unhygienic Snacks

The Sindh Food Authority (SFA) has sealed four production units of kid snacks for producing substandard products in unhygienic and unhealthy conditions.

The units were producing snacks including chips, chocolates, and toffees.

The products of the sealed units were being sold out to children in different schools of the city.

A spokesman of AFA told ProPakistani that the authority’s officials had conducted raids in Bhangoria Goth and Yaseenabad areas on factories producing kids’ snacks from substandard raw material in an unhygienic and unhealthy environment.


Sindh Food Authority Seals 2 Restaurants for Unhygienic Conditions

“These factories were preparing snacks for school canteens. The units used to produce cookies, chips, chocolate, and toffees and these products were being sold to school canteens,” the spokesperson said.

These factories were using nonfood grade in snakes. Oil was being used repeatedly for producing the items.

The spokesman said that the factories were operating without obtaining a license for their operations from any authority. Apart from this, the units were set up in residential areas, which is itself against the relevant laws.


The Restaurant Where Two Kids Died Was Serving 3 Year Old Expired Meat

He said that the SFA had sealed these factories and seized the products to destroy the same.

The spokesperson said that the authority has intensified its campaign against food outlets and production units involved in preparing and producing unhygienic and unhealthy food products.

Last week the authority had sealed two restaurants for their filthy and unhygienic conditions. The SFA gave the management of the restaurants 15 days to improve their hygiene standards, warning that otherwise the outlets would be closed down permanently.

An SFA spokesman had said that the restaurants were serving rotten meat and the freezers in which the meat was stored were also in poor condition.

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