Samsung Caught Faking DSLR Photos for Galaxy A8 Star’s Portrait Mode Ad

You must have come across many photos promoting Mobile phone cameras. However, they don’t always belong to the same camera that they advertise.

It has happened time and again that the phone manufacturers promote the specs of their phone’s cameras by showing pictures that are snapped from another camera.

This time, Samsung has been caught doing this. If you go to the Malaysia version of Samsung’s Galaxy A8 Star landing page, you will find a photo describing Live Focus.

The photo seems to be conferring that the camera user can manually adjust the bokeh effect to the minimal point or as much as he/she wants.

However, the picture under question has not been shot with the camera it is promoting.

The revelation has been made by none other than the photographer of the said photo herself. Dunja Djudjic, a writer and photographer, took the image and made it available for sale on EyeEm.


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When she got to know that the image has been sold, she used a reverse image search and found the image on Samsung’s website.

Samsung AdvertSamsung advert

She says she was very amused to see her photo, not because it was on Samsung’s website, but the way it had been photoshopped.

Nevertheless, this has not happened once as Samsung did the same with its Samsung Galaxy A8 earlier this year and was criticized severely.

This practice raises an ethical conundrum. Even if the company bought the legal rights to use the photo, still it puts a question mark over the advertising conduct. The advertisement clearly implied that the image has been shot from the Smartphone being marketed.

Moreover, Samsung is not the only one to blame here. Huawei has also done the same with its Huawei Nova 3i. Later, it issued a statement that ‘the product shots are for reference only.’

Via DIY Photography

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