Azam Swati Still Being Called a Federal Minister on Government Websites

It has been more than a week since the former Federal Minister for Science & Technology, Azam Swati, stepped down from his post following a Supreme Court hearing regarding alleged removal of IG Police Islamabad.

Swati, who was facing Article 62/F, resigned from his ministry hours before his hearing at the apex court.

Even though he is now in the list of ‘formers’ on paper, but the name of influential MNA is yet to be removed from the related government websites.

For the official website of Ministry of Science & Technology, Azam Swati is still a serving minister, showing pictures of activities as a minister.

One could neglect it considering that the government is yet to announce the new minister for the said ministry, but his presence in the Cabinet Division’s website makes the matter worse.

Why’s Azam Swati’s Name Still on Government Website? |

The Cabinet Division directly reports to the Prime Minister Imran Khan and one cannot expect such carelessness from anyone working directly under PM Khan’s supervision.

In a modern age, governed by a government that focuses on the digital market, such delays or negligence should not be accepted. The authorities need to set up a proper procedure so that websites for public assistance are regularly updated.

  • It takes time to made the changes, at once being expect from Govt. is illogical :D
    PTCL still act as semi-govt. like we request for VDSL- thou it’s available in area even 100 yards away from home, but due to complaint of BM to higher management- he’s not willing to provide it. In such matter unfortunately GM level supports him. Launch so many investigative complaint- Tarlai Exchange in well connected to GM Complaint Office -Islamabad due to which Complaint deleted from 1218 system :D
    We have proof, but due to Well connected system in PTCL. we’re still seeing Govt attitude inside.

    • Investigative complaint deleted from 1218 system – as per my sources, it may be done from GM Complaint Office Islamabad by CRM due to well connected with Tarlai Exchange Management.

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