CAA Issues Rules for Bringing Phones to Pakistan

The Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan has officially announced the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for bringing phones to Pakistan. These rules are applicable to traveling individuals and do not apply to usual trade channels.

The rules and tariffs are also available on Customs desks at the International Arrival terminals across Pakistan.

  • One phone can be registered without any duty.
  • Phones on roaming do not have to be registered and you won’t need to pay duty on them.
  • Any phones being used in Pakistan for less than 30 days don’t need to be registered and are free from duty and taxes.
  • Any phones used or activated in Pakistan before 1st December 2018 are also free from duty and don’t need to be registered.
  • Duty and registration services are available at all international airports as well as custom houses across Pakistan.

Importantly, no phones will be confiscated while they are being evaluated for duty or being registered.

Overall, you can bring a total of 5 phones per year to Pakistan.

If you want to know exactly how much tax will be applicable on the phones you are bringing in, check out the article below.


Bringing Phones to Pakistan? Here’s How Much Tax You Will Have to Pay

  • one phone without duty how it can be registered and where i can get it registered and its per passenger i suppose like if a family of 4 people is coming then every individual can register one phone against his CNIC.

  • What will be the case if a family of 4 to 5 members consisting of one Adult (with CNIC) and 3 to 4 Minors (without CNIC) enter Pakistan. How will the Smartphones of those minor children will be registered? Will they have to pay for taxes for their children’s smartphones to work in Pakistan? Because Im not sure if passport numbers can be used for this registration in DIRBS

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