British Airways Resumes Flights to Pakistan After a 10-Year Gap

In a major boost to the international community’s trust in peace and law and order situation in Pakistan, British Airways has announced to resume its flights to and from Pakistan after a disruption of 10 long years.

The announcement was made by an official of the airline, at a press conference, who was accompanied by UK’s High Commissioner to Pakistan and other Pakistani officials.

Robert Williams, Head of Sales for Asia Pacific and the Middle East for British Airways, said that the carrier believes the route will be particularly popular with the British Pakistani community who want to visit, or be visited by, their relatives.

He said that the airline was resuming its operations to Pakistan after a gap of 10 years. British Airways had discontinued its flight operations to Pakistan in 2008 after the deteriorating law and order situation in the country.

On the occasion, British High Commissioner to Pakistan Thomas Drew remarked that there has been a marked improvement in Pakistan. It is heartening to note peace and order has been restored in Pakistan, he added.

“The links between Britain and Pakistan are already extraordinary – from culture and cricket, to people, politics and education,” Drew added. “I see this launch as a vote of confidence in the future of those links.”

The airline will run three flights in a week to Pakistan.

The flight operations will begin from June next year. The flights will be operated from Heathrow Airport to Islamabad.

Meanwhile, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Fawad Chaudhry, congratulated the nation over the British Airlines’ decision to restart flight operations to Pakistan.

He specifically mentioned Zulfi Bukhari and thanked him for his six-week long tireless efforts that yielded in such an announcement from a major European airline.

Soon after the announcement, Director General (DG) of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asim Ghafoor took to Twitter to rejoice the decision.

In his tweet, Asim Ghafoor said: “The dividends of decades-long struggle of Pakistani nation and its security forces for the restoration of peace and stability in the country are on the way. Thanks to @British_Airways for reviving its flight operations in Pakistan.”

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  • I fail to understand why is this a big news. This isn’t going to help us in our GDP nor in reducing Imports nor reducing imports deficit. or maybe it will, but i don’t understand how. (question from a totally non-political point of view)

    • It will boost confidence of foreign tourists and also more airlines to come here and help in promoting tourism . Will also have effect on business tourists to the country.

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