Govt Considering to Grant Visa On Arrival to Citizens from 55 Countries

The promotion of tourism in the country, to create more employment opportunities, was a part of the 11-point development agenda by PTI chief Imran Khan while addressing a mammoth rally at Minar-e-Pakistan on April 30, 2018 as a formal start of PTI’s election campaign before the July 25 elections.

After coming into power, the PTI-led government attached importance to tourism in its 100-day plan, promising to open up the country for tourists from across the globe to not only generate economic activities but also portray a positive image of the country as a peace-loving nation with abundance of places with attractions for people from across the globe.


Pakistan Plans to Issue E-Visas to Facilitate Tourists

The government is now planning to allow visa on arrival for 55 countries to potentially boost tourism in the country.

Advisor to the Prime Minister on Commerce, Abdul Razzak Dawood, said that the government is considering to award visa to citizens of 55 countries upon arrival at the airports.

Addressing a press conference, Dawood said a policy is being formulated and it will be presented to the prime minister for approval in January.


Pakistan to Give Visa on Arrival for Tourists from These 24 Countries

“We will also consult security forces regarding the matter,” he said. Pakistan allows visa on arrival for group tourists from 24 countries.

Dawood added that Pakistan needs tourism and that the government will do whatever is in the interest of the country.

  • Everything works in reciprocity in international matters, then these countries would give Pakistanis visa free in return and our passport ranking would strengthen.

  • Quid for quo.

    We must offer Visas to other country’s in the same manner and with the same terms as offered to Pakistani citizens.

    Strictest check should be on USA, Schengen, China and Indian applicants.

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