PM House Officially Turned Into Islamabad National University

In order to fulfill Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) election manifesto, the government, on Friday, officially turned Prime Minister House Islamabad into Islamabad National University (INU).

With the announcement to set-up INU at the PM House, PM Imran Khan fulfilled another commitment made with the masses during his election campaign.

The Prime Minister also addressed the launching ceremony of the INU. Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister said that the move to convert the country’s most expensive estate into a university is to make it clear the government gives high priority to education.

“When I started Shaukat Khanum, people asked me how the poor can be treated for free for cancer? But that was realized,” he added.


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He says that he has faith that the new university in the PM House will become a Centre of Excellence.

He added that the money retrieved from dacoits will be spent on education in the country.

The developed nations of the world progressed because they spent on education and human development. The way forward for Pakistan is to give importance to education and human development, the PM added.

Giving an example of those who were caught in the Battle of Badr, the PM said that even they were told that if they taught 10 Muslims they will be released. “This was a revolution for the world that there is nothing higher than education.”

  • Revolutionary step by the PTI Gov and PMIK. Nations progress through education and by investing in human development. I hope it becomes a center of excellence which can contribute in the progress of our country :)

  • Either khan doesnt know the inner workings of SKH or he blatantly lies when he says all cancer patients are being treated free in shokat khanum. SKH is one of the most expensive medical facilities in the country and only very few patients receive free of cost treatment over there whereas the majority of patients admitted pay very heavy hospital dues. I understand health care is expensive but atleat be truthful about it.

    • They do not have enough money to treat everyone free, so they concentrate on Stage one patients, that they are sure will be cured. However, it is never mentioned anywhere that only few get treatment for free, so when someone actually experiences it first hand, they are shocked.

    • if the patient really needs and don’t have power to pay the expense then it will treated fully free of cost. secondly stage also matters, either recoverable or not.

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