Bahria University is Acting Like the Moral Police Again & Social Media Isn’t Happy

The Bahria University of Islamabad has established a proper dressing code and announced hefty fines on noncompliance.

A notification is making rounds on social media which is being attributed to the director of the varsity.

The notification informs all the female students that from now on, jeans, trousers, tights and short shirts are ‘strictly prohibited in university and that they can only enter the university wearing Shalwar, long shirt with dupatta.’


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‘Dear Bahrian, It is to inform all the girls that a strict dress code will be followed from Monday 14th January, 20119. Jeans, tights, trousers, short shirts are prohibited. Any girl seen in will be fined Rs. 5000,” the notification warned.

The notification says the decision to enforce a proper dress code was taken due to “several unethical observations” and with the consent of parents and faculty members.

“Certain rules need to be followed as they are otherwise you may face the consequences because it is from the higher authority.”

It is better to be “safe than sorry”, the notification notes, for all the students are “supposed to show a bit of compliance with the law or follow a proper channel against it”.


Bahria University Wants Boys and Girls to Sit 6 Inches Apart at Its Premises

The university has also banned students’ entry with cigarettes, tobacco or any other drugs. All the boys will be checked on the entrance, and those found with alcohol or such stuff will face fine of Rs. 5000.

The new rule will come into effect from Monday, January 14, the notification says.

It is not surprising that the decision has irked the Twitterati:

The decision has also attracted a protest from the students of the varsity.

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  • Excellent decision. Students who need to work for Pakistan future shall have no problem. others are just time passers or want to get passed through notes.

    • its not for you to decide who are time passers or who are the future flag bearers. arbitrary rules take us no where.

    • People who have money go to Bahria university. So with these rules they wont come and then the university would have to revert their decision. :D

  • Calling your teachers “sick p!gs’ won’t make you a philosopher!
    The dress code seems, normal dress code of Pakistani peoples, there is nothing wrong, infact, they don’t have to issue the notification.

  • Propakistani you can cut some bad words (abuses) rather than publishing it publically.Bad mannerism …

  • Why you dont stop comments as by Mahira rather you are spreading to get more traffic and more engagements….

  • hahaaahah pakistanio koi dhang ka kam mat karo,
    dunya chaand par pohonch gayi but pakistano ko pardey aur tights ki parhi hui hi,

  • Koi molvi ghus gaya administration may. I always say there is no place for mulla in university. It is a place to nurture creativity that can only come with freedom. In Pakistani universities they waste 50% of their energy on disciplinr. In US and Europe they give full flexibility and freedom to students. It makes them creative. What is achievement of Pakistani universities. Zero.

    • Sorry to disappoint you but Its highly improbable that skin tight dresses or short dresses can make anyone creative. Creativity is not that someone starts to violate decent dress code and become a source of objectification. Discipline is not a hindrance to progress and its not the reason for Pakistani universities not being able to achieve skyrocketing results.

          • If you waste most energy on discipline you discourage freedom of thought and less producivity on mind development.

              • why are so you burnt up on just getting issued a dress code and have started dragging in something which you can’t stand because of your ideological inclination? What does a molvi has to do with this? It’s a decent dress code and everybody is supposed to follow it, thats it, the end. Don’t try to paint indecent dresses as a epitome of freedom of expression. Freedom of expression if contributes to a menace then there is no room for it in any case. Freedom of expression got other things at hand rather than just raising hue and cry over getting told to wear a decent dress.

                • You have no right over other person. You cannot dictate anybody else what to wear. Jeans is decent enough. If you focus your energy on education and less on dress may be you will become atleast a second world. lums is full of mulla in faculty. The result is no company in Pakistan is known anywhere outside our border. They spend all energy on discipline. They have rule one cannot enter class after 5 minutes of it start. No molvi in any faculty plz if you want any progress. These molvi hate progress how can they make progressive students.

  • Pakistanis need to learn there are conservative ppl in society and there are liberal ppl. You cannot force anyone to change. And you shud learn to accept the presence of others. Hisaab apna apna ho ga. If you are conservative molvi nobody should stop you from becoming a monk sadhu magzoob dewana mastana jahadi malang mulla molana allama etc. Same freedom shud b for liberal ppl as well. Saudis did this moral police thing for century and turned out there was no big advantage. Now they r slowly moving to freedom as well.

  • Every University in the world has it’s code of ethics that everyone attending or employed by it shall abide by. If someone doesn’t agree with the code then that individual should attend a different universUni.

  • looks like only anti comments are being allowed to be posted. Other comments go to pending(disallowed) by hypocrite propakis.

  • well done propak on holding back reasonable comments against liberals and allowing the publicity of the liberal mafia.

  • We used to have a uniform at BU when they started off their business administration programs. whatever happened to that ?

  • ADVICE: Rather than imposing such objectify-able/tough to work out rules, they should simply impose a Uniform as they had in the early days of Bahria University. All attending students can then focus more on their studies and social activities rather than deciding on what to wear each day. Its more relaxing and easy for all students.

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