Twitter Saddened Over the Death of Legendary Actress Roohi Bano

Renowned Lollywood actress, Roohi Bano, has passed away earlier today in Turkey due to kidney failure, as per media reports. She was severely ill prior to her death and was on the ventilator in a private hospital. She was also suffering from a number of medical conditions including Diabetes and Schizophrenia.

Bano was dubbed as one of the finest Pakistani actresses of all time, having appeared in a number of films and dramas. She died at the age of 67.

Microblogging platform, Twitter, is swarmed with messages of love for the late starlet. Let’s have a look at how people are expressing their emotions on her demise.

Pakistanis often forget their heroes.

The end of an era.

A true national icon.

She is no more with us.

Rest in peace.

She was a Presidential award-winner.

A pioneer of Urdu TV dramas.

Politicians have also expressed their grief at her death.

She led a hard life.

A life of endless sufferings.

The young generation needs to know her glorious works of the past.

A great actress indeed.

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  • That is Now Our Culture, to express our expression via social network but never went to her/his home or to recite fatiha.

    ALLAHA Maghfirat Kare Aaameen

  • i guess her family is responsible for her illness..she was highly educated and see she was still helpless…difficult to believe a renowned n highly famous actress will go through all this…shocking for me

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