Metal Reflectors Removed in Islamabad After Citizen Complains Using Portal App

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf government’s initiative of Pakistan Citizen Portal is slowly gaining the trust of the masses despite early hiccups.

Launched to bridge the gap between the ruling and the ruled, the application is being used by almost 500,000 people and the positive feedback across different social media platforms validates the good work being done by the new government.

Large-sized cat’s eyes (Metal reflectors) are being widely used as speed breakers in Pakistan not just on the streets, but on main roads and highways as well.

Recently, a resident of F-11 Islamabad, Haseeb Sohail, launched a complaint against illegal road studs which were resulting in different accidents while also damaging car tires.

Haseeb, in his complaint, claimed that he had broken his car’s suspension and blew a tire on another car due to the large metal reflectors. He requested to remove the massive cat’s eyes and urged the authorities to replace these with a proper speed breaker.

As per the screenshot of complaint history, the issue, filed on October 31, 2018, was resolved on January 11, 2019.

From filing the complaint to assigning it to DG Roads and Market (Maintenance) Directorate, from in-progress to resolved, the whole process was smooth, as per the complainant.

The resident also shared the before and after images to validate his claims. Let’s have a look.



While there is room for improvement, the digital complaint cell has maintained a 4.5-star rating with over 27 thousand reviews on Google Play Store, which shows the utility and the amount of appreciation received by Imran Khan’s initiative.

Earlier, the Prime Minister said that the application has resolved 100,000 complaints before the start of 2019, which is a significant number looking at the number of complaints being filed by the citizens.

Images via Facebook @hashsohail

Feature Writer

  • I also raised a complaint on 28th Oct 2018 from Karachi, Sindh, but still nothing has resolved. It shows remarks “Dear Citizen your complaint has been forwarded to Secretary Local Government Department Government of Sindh, for necessary action”.

    I don’t think anything is gonna happen…!

  • I registered a complaint on 10th january about Jazz Warid, status still shows in progress. Why the process is so slow?

  • Number # 1 This app is not a magic wand and the kind of red tape involved in government work takes time. So if they have given access to of something like this to us, it’s not their ehsaan but we should be thankful instead of critical.

    Secondly they said it in the start that the app team will always make sure that the request reaches the concerned department but after that they can just follow up so if it’s not happening in karachi it’s because the concerned department (سندھ government) as always do not care..

    • Yes! They should launch for iOS and/or Desktop/web versions as well. Some apps are still needed on PCs and this one is on top of the list. Because still not everyone have a smartphone but atleast can go to an internet cafe to lodge compaints. Govts. should think about all aspects.

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