Samsung Galaxy S10 to Bring a Massive Improvement in Battery & Charging Tech

Battery life is something that hasn’t been perfected in Smartphones and most users still struggle to get a day’s worth out of their smartphones.

Even with flagships, people struggle to make it to the day’s end without having to charge it in the middle of the day. If you do have a large battery in your smartphone, the charger is often times not fast enough to charge your device in minutes (unless you have a high-end Oppo phone).

Higher Wattage Charger to be Introduced

Samsung’s current lineup of chargers, that are found with devices like the Galaxy Note 9 or the Galaxy S9+ or S9, come with a wattage rating of 15W and 10W.

With the competition moving up to 25W or even 30W chargers, Samsung is left behind with slower chargers. They are still miles better than the ones that come with the iPhones but not good enough to compete with OnePlus’s Dash Chargers or Oppo’s Super VOOC charging.

Amidst the huge number of leaks for the upcoming Galaxy S10, there was also a report that the S10 series will come with the same old chargers.

However, over the weekend, Slashleaks leaked some images of a Samsung branded charger that will allegedly be shipped with the S10 series.

The new charger, code-named, EP-TA300 has a wattage rating of 25.2W, which will significantly improve the charging speeds of future Samsung devices. And also because the S10 series have battery capacities up to 4,000mAh (S10 Plus), a better charger was a necessity.

Better Battery Performance

The battery capacities of the three S10 models have already leaked. The S10 Lite will use a 3,100mAh battery, the S10 will have a 3,500mAh battery whereas the S10 Plus will have a 4,000mAh battery.

The new S10 series is going to use the Exynos 9820, which is built on a 7nm/8nm process, which is much more efficient than the processor in the S9 siblings and Note 9. The new Exynos processor has improved power efficiency by over 40% over its predecessor which is a massive improvement.

Galaxy S10 Triple Rear Cameras

Another leaks suggests that Samsung will be using an “advanced cooling structure” in the S10 series to achieve outstanding battery life so it really does look like Samsung’s focus is on improving the battery/charging department of their new flagships as much as possible.

Samsung is also rumored to have a reverse wireless feature called “Power Share” which will be more or less the same as the Huawei Mate 20 Pro although, reportedly, Power Share will be able to charge other devices faster.

We’ll have more for you once more info leaks in the future.

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