Babar Azam vs Virat Kohli – Who is the Better Batsman?

Virat Kohli is a modern day legend and there’s no denying the fact that Indian team relies heavily on its captain, no matter the format.

Pakistani run-machine, Babar Azam has already been hailed as one of the finest batsmen to play for Pakistan. His numbers are clearly reflective of his batting abilities and in this young age, he is a class player to watch when he is on song.

While Babar is yet to settle in the longest format of the game, his stats in the limited over formats are unbelievably good.

Babar Azam has played 59 ODI matches thus far, scoring 2462 runs at a staggering average of 51.29. Let’s compare his numbers with those of Virat Kohli.

Below are the figures for both players after 59 ODIs.

Innings Runs Average Strike Rate Not-Outs 100s 50s
Babar Azam 57 2462 51.3 84.6 9 8 10
Virat Kohli 56 2153 43.9 85.3 7 5 15


Both the players have impressive numbers at the end of 59 one day matches for their respective countries. Babar Azam’s figures are slightly better than Kohli’s however, it remains to be seen if he continues to stay ahead of Indian captain in the future as well.

Kohli didn’t enjoy a very good start to his international career, however, his numbers improved massively after about 2 years of his debut which was attributed to his change of temperament.

While the world compares Babar with Kohli based on his performances in recent years, the top batsman from Pakistan believes that there is still a long way to go and that there’s no comparison between the two.

People compare me with Kohli but he’s a very big player, I don’t think I am anywhere close to him, I have just started out & he’s achieved a lot. I still have to do that, if my performances are up to that level then you can compare but right now there’s no comparison.

The remarks are reflective of Babar’s down-to-earth nature.

Do you think the two can be compared? Let us know in the comments section.

  • Being a Pakistani, I must say Kohli is better than babar but thats due to the experience the kohli has. Babar is improving with time and if he performed well in future than who knows he will be a better player than kohli… Allah nazar e bad se bachaey hmary babar ko. Ameen suma ameen

  • we can’t deny the importance of babar azam for pakistan team and virat for indian team but i think virat is more consistent player in the world that why i would say virat is better than babar azam

  • I believe Babar is better than Kohli.
    He is more calm,Humble and down to earth.I think people love Virat Kohli more because he is much popular because of Indian and international media and Babar Azam does not have such a support from Pakistan and international media.

  • Both are the best for their teams but babar has to perform consistently to achieve kholi. May babar will more good than kholi. Ameen

  • You cannot compare a Suzuki with Ferrari. This comparison is null and void. And obviously Kohli is Ferrari

    • There is no comparison between two obviously Babar is more better batsman than kohli in short formats particularly in t20s (ICC t20 ranking) babar is on top while kohli on 14 or more…. so there is no comparison between these two in short format

  • Being as Pakistani Kohli is much better batsman of today cricket in all formats u just calculation of first 59 ODI
    But u knows Kohli much improved himself day by day
    Babar also good batsman but u cannot compare with Kohli…

  • This is bad to compare Babar Azam with the likes of kohli
    Kohli is is modern day legend and babar is new comer in terms of experience Kohli has
    But he is showing good signs of being a great batsman
    so hopefully in next 5 years we will be able to compare them

  • Yet more than 50 matches barber expropriate good average and in the ensuing time barber is expected to be more dynamic
    My vote is for barber

  • We pray for baber for his good health and more good performances. He is the asset of Pakistan.
    May he live long.

  • Babar is new comer, he will be better in the coming days but kohli is doing the best day by day .

  • Babar just playing own cricket not for team there is no match winning 100 in chasing and he have to play a lot of cricket to compared the sun of cricket

  • You are insulting kohli.
    Its like you are comparing cristiano ronaldo to rashford.
    Kohli is a legend and babar is just a kid in front of him. Utter nonsense.

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