Saudi Arabia Reduces Visa Fees for Pakistanis

Saudi Arabia has decided to reduce the visa fees for Pakistani citizens. The new visa fee will be applicable from February 15.

Saudi authorities have told that the visit visa fee was slashed to SAR 338. Single entry visa fee is now SAR 338 while the multiple-entry visa fee is SAR 675. Previously, the visit visa fee was around SAR 2000.

Meanwhile, the Saudi government has also hinted giving e-visa facility to Pakistan. With this facility, Pakistani pilgrims will be able to get a visa online. This development has been confirmed by Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Dr.Noor-ul-Haq Qadri.


Saudi Arabia to Abolish Additional Umrah Tax for Pakistani Citizens

The minister also divulged that Saudi Arabia will also include Pakistan in its ‘Road to Makkah project’. He further told that the soon, direct flights will start from Quetta to Medina and Jeddah. Moreover, a fresh meal of Pakistani taste will be provided to the pilgrims while in their stay at Mashair.

He further revealed that a temporary Haji Camp will be set up at Gilgit to facilitate the pilgrims from Gilgit Baltistan and mobile biometric verification will be conducted in remote areas of the country.

The government will use social media to guide and train potential pilgrims, said the minister.

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