Some Airlines Are Charging Extra for Flights Cancelled Due to Airspace Closure

Pakistan’s airspace has been fully reopened and the flight operations are expected to resume to normalcy.

Owing to the closed airspace, many flights were canceled. Now, with everything back to normal, people are going to their planned visits.

However, it has surfaced that some airlines are charging extra in lieu of “rescheduling fee” to rebook the flights. Different accounts have been narrated on social media platforms, complaining about the airlines’ demand.


Mohammad Hafeez Lashes Out Against Emirates Airlines on Twitter

Pakistan Aviation has also shared a post, stating it has also received reports that a few airlines including Emirates are asking for an extra fee to reschedule flights.

The post reads as,

“URGENT: If your flight was canceled due to airspace closure and the airline is now asking you for rescheduling fee or extra charges please share with us. We have reports that some airlines especially Emirates is asking for extra fees to reschedule flights.”

A few Facebook users came on to share their unpleasant experience as well.

Airlines charging rescheduling fee

Airlines charging rescheduling fee

Some also had a good experience.

Earlier, Pakistani cricketer Muhammad Hafeez also expressed displeasure over Emirates Airlines for the same reason. He said that despite prior booking, Emirates had asked for more money for the ticket for a Lahore-bound flight from London.

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